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how to increase fan speed of XPS M1530 ?


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how to increase fan speed of XPS M1530 ?

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hi guys, i need some help here, my XPS m1530's 8600m gt has been a little wierd lately, i mean about its temperature, I bought this laptop last April, and yes I did some overclocking to: core clock: 550, shader clock: 1100, memory clock: 800, but I only used those configuration for about the first 3 weeks and at about the 4th week until now I didn't use overclocking because I wasn't really playing that hard with my 1530 and so thought that I don't really need overclocking....

so about its temperature, when I first got the laptop, the idle temp is about 54c and the max temp that I having(playing devil may cry 4 and grid with the overclocking) I only got at about 82c, and now (not anymore use overclocking since the 4th week of my laptop) I noticed just about two weeks ago, my gpu idle temp has been about 66c (wow! thats 12c up! without doing anything! and that is in its default clocks!) and now that I'm playing devil may cry 4 and grid....I'm getting a whopping 95c!!!! and i've heard that the damaging point of such mainstream gpu is at about 91c so now I'm scared whats going on in my laptop

so I thought about the turning the fan speed manually, and I already used rivatuner(v2.24), but it doesn't give me the screen where I am suppose to able to adjust my gpu fan, and so far I don't know any software to use on how to adjust the fan speed manually......does anyone know how can I set up the fan speed manually of my xps m1530? or any other suggestions or solutions for my problem will be appreciated.....

XPS M1530 -  Tuxedo Black, Core 2 Duo T8300 (2.4 GHZ, 800 FSB, 3MB cache), 4 GB DDR2 667 MHZ RAM, 256 MB GDDR3 NVIDIA 8600M GT, 500 GB HDD (5,400 rpm), LED 1440x900, 9-cell Battery, Vista 64-bit Home Premium

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  • Hi there, well unfortunately I have not tried to manually increase the fan speed which is normally incuded with the BIOS, but insted you can either try to add a good notebook cool pad or also since the bottom plastic for teh XPS m1530 is easy to open u can do that and try to blow the dust out from the fan and heat sink thatwill do the trick and also the bottom pannel itself has metal projections you will notice it if you open the pannel slightly bend them so the touch the heat sink copper pipe it helps to dispence heat better. it will get the temp down by atleast 4 C i too use riva to overclock... )

    Try this it might be helpful i have done thi twice before..

    System Model: XPS M1530 Vista Home Premium 32

     Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU     T8300  @ 2.40GHz (2 CPUs), ~2.4GHz

    Card name: NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT

    Installed Memory: 4.00 GB

  • Hello,

    I have a Dell XPS - M1530 and from day onme I used a cooling pad that was powered by USB. Since then I purchased on the Internet The Most Powerfull Cooling Pad called: ZALMAN NC-3000U series. Itis a single fan that can be run o0ff pof USB or a avalible Plug In Power Suply is recomended. It also has a atyachment that plugs into (2) USB ports  and then plugs into the cooling pad to give you (3) ports. The web site is . It costs about $100.00 but it is worth every penny. Plus when you talk on the p[hone with them, they are VERY nice and helpfull. I purchasded the pad with the power transformer and run the fan on FULL Speed all the time and don't hear the noise with the lap top on it. It is (1) large fan that runs at 720 rpm max. The fan has sleeve bearings, ajustable fan speed but as I said I leave it on FULL SPEED. The man I talked to was Erick. He called me right after I indicayted I wanted to purchase. His # was: 305-387-7536.

    I have had 2 othercooling pads but this ZALMAN is worth the cost!

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