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Device Manager - Unknown device

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I did a clean install of a 64 bit version of Vista last night and everything has gone well apart from this unknown device in device manager.

Here is the information:

Other Devices - Base System Device (PCI bus 9, device 1, function 3)

I have a Studio 1737 laptop. The laptop is working absolutely fine, no real indication as to what this 'device' is.

Anyone got any ideas?

Thanks in advance


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  • Hi same issues with me.

    I did a clean install by Vista 64 Bit Restore DVD.I had all drivers DVD which  I used to install all drivers except following two:


    Ricoh MS Driver  :  Base System Device (PCI bus 9, device 1, function 3)

    And IRTC Infra Red Receiver.

    I have found the drivers for it and is installed on my Laptop Del Studio 1537.


    Pls let me know if you still have issues .I will send you zipped drivers.:)




  • Thanks very much for your reply!

    That was the driver i was missing. Ive downloaded it from the Dell website and now everything is working fine :)

    Thanks again!!!!