DELL Customer Service Centers in Mumbai, India and quality?


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DELL Customer Service Centers in Mumbai, India and quality?

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Hi All,

Can someone please share information about DELL Customer Service Centers in Mumbai, India?

As a part of the basic 1 year service warranty, how easy is it to walk in to a service center and have the laptop checked for repair like with the Network Cards, HardDisk or RAM?

How many people go for the Laptop Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMCs) offered by small hardware/networking firms.



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  • Anyone can do things with the memory , hard drive or add-in cards. However, if someone other than a Dell technician attempts to service an in warranty machine, the warranty is void.

    Stick with Dell. I wouldn't let general service techs work on any of my machines. You have no fall back if they break something. Third party warranties are not too reliable for any type of product.


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