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Dell inspiron 1150 cmos battery


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Dell inspiron 1150 cmos battery

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this laptop is old and the cmos battery has discharged.

I want to replace it, but I don't know type of the cmos battery.

Could you help me learn about its type and voltage?

Ordinary the type is CR2025 and the voltage is 3v, but I'm unsure.

Also, will I have to soldering a new one?

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  • Yes, it is soldered - remove the battery and use it to to find a replacement.


  • Thank you!

    But I have to disassemble the whole laptop for replace or see this battery.

    So it will be great if somebody know about its type etc.

    There is a problem to find any FRU in Russia.

    Also I have replaced it's keyboard today and lost one screw.