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Flashing red battery light. Inspiron 1520


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Flashing red battery light. Inspiron 1520

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Hello, my Inspiron 1520 just recently started blinking a red battery light. It just keeps blinking. Theres no stop to it... even if i re -insert the battery it shows the blinking red light and it keeps blinking steadily. Also when checking with quickset it doesnt recognize any battery at all. When i remove the ac adapter my pc just shuts off and wont run until plugged in. I read in the manual and it told me to contact dell if it happened. I dont know if its defected or something? Maybe you guys know? My warranty is pretty much dead... and ive always left the computer plugged on.. dont know if that affects the battery. Will I have to replace my battery, if it runs out or is defected? I checked and its $135 bucks for a new battery Surprise

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    A better forum to post your question in, would be the Laptop conference HERE, this is for Desktop systems.



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