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8 in 1 media card slot usage


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8 in 1 media card slot usage

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Has anyone tried to use different media card on the laptop?  I have the XPS Studio laptop, and with the 8 in 1 media card reader built in.  I used it for SD card, and it worked.  How about the other format?  its size is smaller than the other.  I tried to push it in the slot, and it doesn't sit and was afraid it will get stuck.  Help!!


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  • I put a Memory Stick Pro Duo in my Inspirion 1545's Media Card Reader. It was promptly swallowed up inside the slot. Finally, I had to fish it out with a pencil. I see no way for this reader to work with a Memory Stick Pro - even though it says it accepts them. The slot is simply too big and too deep. Is there something I am missing? Is there a plastic carrier that the Memory Stick should be placed in prior to inserting in the slot?

  • Last time I put a reply in this post and it was deleated cause I use derogatory lenguaje about Dell knoledge 

    Mr Tos12 can you please send us where the correct aswer is cause looks like no one knows how to insert a MS/Pro memory in the 8 in one card reader

    Welcome to Dell Knoledge "where no one knows"


  • Ok this is what a guy from dell told me 

    there is two different MS PRO memory cards 

    one that is like this 

    this does not work it's to short and that does not work with dell

    the other 

    this one it's the one that work  

    The other it's MS Pro Duo

    and it's not suported by Dell card reader 



  • Thanks for the info and pictures. I too had this issue come up and was wondering about this as well. I too had to fish out the MS Pro stick from my reader with tweezers.

    Thanks again for sharing the info.

  • I just bought STUDIO 1558 and I can insert MS PRO DUO, which is bigger one, BUT here I found out other problem.

    When I insert this memory, the slot does NOT latch this memory but push it out.

    So, once I insert it and hold with my hand, I can see my computer is detect it but, after I release my hand, it pops out and my computer can not read it.