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Charging Problem in Studio 1555


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Charging Problem in Studio 1555

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Hi guys,..

I have recently bought a Studio 15 laptop with a 9-cell battery.When I charge the laptop ....After sometime the laptop stops charging even if it s not fully charged..for example..the other day i noticed that i had some 40% battery charge i connectd the charger and resumed watching the movie..then after sometime ,i noticed the laptop had stopped was at 60%..I switched the charger and switched on again..then it resumed charging..again after sometime it stopped.....

The Adapter is getting heated up in just 10 minutes......

can any1 plz tell me wat shuld i do??????

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  • Hi,

    It looks serious problem. I suspect that the problem should be due to your battery. Anyway, you'd better call Dell.

    You can try this.

    You can take out your battery and connect the apapter directly to your laptop. You can check whether your apater sitll get heated up. If it is sitll, it is not about battery but it is your laptop.

    Good luck

  • Hi alps_2304,

     I would like to know ur lappy performance after flashing new BIOS... Big Smile

    I do have exact problem with my new Studio 1555 laptop. I spoke to dell support team and they suggested me to update BIOS provided in their site.. I did so but, still I feel adapter get heated up easily. I suspect adapter could be the problem and if, Dell have to replace it what is the estimated time to set everything.  Any suggestions are appreciated.

  • It's not a BIOS problem - it's either an adapter, battery or mainboard problem - since the system is under warranty, call Dell and arrange a repair.