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Vostro 1500 Laptop Won't Power On


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Vostro 1500 Laptop Won't Power On

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My Vostro 1500 laptop won't power on and is now a few months out of warranty. So I'm really stuck!

The manual doesn't state why the CAPS lock blue light would be flashing. That's the only thing that seems to happen when I try to power the computer on. And when I plug it in, the battery light only flashes blue for a moment and then goes away. I'd think maybe I need a new battery but when the battery is pulled out and the laptop is plugged in, it still doesn't work. Does this laptop require the battery to be in regardless?

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  • CAPS LOCK flashing is usually memory error - try reseating (remove and reinstall) the memory module(s).  One of them is under the keyboard, while the other is under a door at the bottom of the system.


  • Thank you for that tip - but it didn't work. I reseated both memory modules, A and B. Still nothing.  :(

  • Try the modules one at a time - one may be faulty.  If not, you've likely a faulty system board.


  • It is a Vostro 1500 problem. You are not the only one who's Vostro died right out of warrenty. Mine and several others have. Dell is not help unless you want to pay more money to them. It is system board failure and I think it should be re-called.

  • I also has a Vostro 1500 would not power up after 14 mons. The power light will come on and than just go off.  I kept it because so many  people had the same problem and I really thought Dell would step up and do the right thing. I tell everyone who will listen how Dell has done nothing about this problem and it seems they could not care less. I will continue to education people who will listen to not invest in Dell in anyway useless you want to throw your money away. They do not care about the problems soooo many have had with the 1500. I wonder what model they are selling at Christmas this year that will be the lemon they dump on us and laugh all the way to the bank?


    Does anyone have any ideas how to fix this problem???

    Come on DELL stand up and be the company you claim to be. Or will that put you out of business faster than slowly killing off your customer base one at a time?


    Love my Toshiba

  • Thanks for your advise. The problem was indeed from one of the two memory modules. Now its working... Thanks again, God Bless for your Wisdom....