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Complete Reformat of Dell Inspiron E1505

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Hey guys hows it goin, my names Matt.

I recently posted a topic about my laptop being in a continuous restart cycle that it wont snap out of.  The only thing that I can do is enter safe mode.  I got several answers saying that i was going to need to reinstall drivers, I have decided instead to reinstall windows and reformat my laptop, it could use it and I dont have anything that i needed to back up on it .

The only thing is I can only do this from safe mode, I insert the disc and go through the steps, select which partition to save it to and it begins to install the fresh copy of windows, for whatever reason it wont progress past 0%.  After about five minutes it comes up with this message....Windows setup could not reinitialize the deployment engine, to reinstall windows, restart the installation, which I have done several times.  Does anyone know any thing that might help me get past this issue,(maybe you cant do it from safe mode, I dont know), maybe theres another way to go about.  Your help is appreciated.        -Matt

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  • There's a very high probability the cause is a failing hard drive.  F12 at powerup, Dell diagnostics - run the extended hard drive test.


  • I ran the dell diagnostics test, and posted the error code that it came up with in the other topic that i posted and you responded to it saying that it was definately a driver problem or something, the error code is 200-0142.  Shouldnt i still be able to reformat the laptop though?? I dont know how i could find which driver is messed up or reinstall it or anything like that, i already tried putting in the driver disk.  Thanks again, matt

  • No, if you go back to the other thread, you'll see that I posted that the drive is faulty.  The reason for the reboot cycle is that the drive has failed.

    Replace it - you need a 2.5" 9.5 mm SATA notebook drive - then reload Windows.


  • i dont think i should have to purchase aone hundred dollar part, i should be able to do like a system restore or something, i think its a simple fix somehow

  • CPWrestling724

    i dont think i should have to purchase aone hundred dollar part, i should be able to do like a system restore or something, i think its a simple fix somehow


    Dude, you obviously don't get it.  He's saying your hard drive is toast.  You will not be able to format it.  You need to replace it with a NEW one.

  • Unless you want a 500G drive, a new one will be closer to $50-60 than $100 - and I'd suggest you get an external  backup drive as well. There are two types of hard drive - those that have failed and those that will fail.


  • if you have a external floppy...find out what make hard drive you have, and go to the hard drive manufacturer web their diagnostic software , and install it on a floppy....if you have a external dvd or cdrom drive,,that is okay too..but boot into the diagnostic software, and run it...see what is says about your drive

    have you  tried booting you laptop into the restore your image as came from factory,,if you still have that partition on your laptop...and see what happens

    get another hard drive,and see if you can install windows,,if so, then you know your hard drive is trash. if you cannot install windows on new hard drive, then you know something eles is the problem.

    is your hard drive filled to compacity???that would be a problem too