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Studio 1535 Time-of-day-clock Stopped


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Studio 1535 Time-of-day-clock Stopped

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I'm kind of new here, and got this computer of mine around november of 2008. No problems with it until today, after it was sjut down while in the middle of booting due to a minor power surge at my friend's house. I didn't think much of it until I got home and tried to boot it up. Every time I tried it would start booting, get almost 2/3 the way through the begining screen with the Dell Logo then stop and go to a blank screen with the message "Time-of-day-clock Stopped".

I tried going into BIOS from there and before during the boot sequence by pressing the F2 key; and tried getting it to display the boot mode options by pressing the F8 key. Neither worked, it would just go to the same point, stop, and then display the Time-of-day clock stopped message. I was reading over some of the other posts about this message and in some of the models this meant motherboard trouble and that it needed a new motherboard.

Can someone please help me out here; I am also planning on calling Dell Technical Support tomorrow to see what can be done about that. I really hope I don't need to buy a new computer since this one should still be under warranty.




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  • Well this may be a really old post, but to aid anyone else who has this problem. To repair this problem simply replace the cmos battery inside the laptop. They are cheap to replace. Just unscrew the back cover and you'll see the dime sized silver battery. Swap it with another one and just reset your time. Good luck

  • I have had the same exact problem with my studio 1535. Initially, the machine's system time started drifting by significant amount of time (about 1 week every 2 weeks). This was then followed in short order by the "Time-of-day-clock-stopped" message at startup. I saw several posts pointing to the cmos battery change as a solution. I changed the battery and the machine started working again - for all of 2 weeks. The message then reappeared and I am now thinking that this is a major motherboard issue...

    Based on all the discussion around this subject on the internet, this seems to be a major problem with DELL Studio series laptops... So far I am not aware of a DELL recall on this, but based on what I am seeing out there - I really think they ought to consider it... Anyone aware of an official recall on this??

  • One hour ago my 6 month-old Dell 1545 suddenly dies when backing up data, it cannot boot and just ends up with the same "Time-of-day clock stopped" message.

    Tomorrow I will try to replace the CMOS battery to see if it can start up again.

    I suspect it should be a severe issue of motherboard, DELL should inspect it immediately.  

  • It is a mainboard problem - and if you're under warranty, Dell will replace the board.


  • My 1545 works again after replacing the coin battery on the motherboard ;-)

    It costs me $8 for 2 pack of coin batteries (Duracell DL2032, made in Japan) in Drug Mart, and the best before day is Mar. 2019 so it is fresh new; the old battery from DELL is CR2032 (MITSUBISHI, made in China). For 1545, replacing battery is not a trivial task, you need to disassemble almost *everything*, so it took me a long time to do it step by step extremely carefully. Finally it boots and runs smoothly just like a new one.

    I wish it is not a severe motherboard issue and the old battery is near expiry day thus just fails too quickly. Hopefully by replacing with a new battery it can run at least one or two years, and my two batteries might give me 3 years of peaceful work time.

    I have been using Dell PCs for many years and it is the first time I need to open box and DIY by myself to fix a failed battery. I am very lucky that the unexpected laptop failure did not happen when demonstrating products to customers, however I will consider using another brand or even a Mac for commercial presentation next time. 

  • In August' 2009 I had the same problem. My 9 months old Studio 1535 crashed with msg "Time-of-day-clock Stopped"..Still under the warranty the motherboard was replaced and I thought my laptop was good as new. Now, after reading some messages I know it wasn't completely fixed, because the clock on the computer was always off shortly after being reset. Just yesterday, 6 months later it crashed again giving me the same error msg "Time-of-day-clock Stopped".. I am fed up by now and wondering if there is a recall on my model.

    Thank God I have an extended warranty but not at home service, only to send out. so it will be more hassle.

  • I also do not believe replacing motherboard can fix this issue completely, so now I have a good habit of backing up my data every week and waiting for another "Time-of-day-clock stopped" day come ;-)

  • I am having the same exact problem with my studio 1535. At first, it started drifting by an hour or so and then it went to being days off.  It did this for a month or so until I loaded a new internet clock.  Now, I am receiving a "Time-of-day-clock-stopped" message at startup. Tomorrow, I will replace the cmos battery but am fearful that is might be a major motherboard issue.  In looking at different discussion boards, this seems to be a pretty typical problem with studio 1535.  Has anyone heard of any recent DELL recalls?  I love DELL computers but if my motherboard happens to go out anytime soon, this is going to be my last DELL.