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Dell QuickSet 64-Bit Install Problem


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Dell QuickSet 64-Bit Install Problem

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Hello all,

Posting for 1st time because I am at my wit's end.

I have recently bought a Dell Studio 1737. I installed 4gig ram (after market) and upgraded it to Vista Enterprise 64-bit (basically this is Vista Business with volume licensing).


Now, all 64-bit driver installation went well, except for Dell Quickset (64-bit, I'm sure about this).

I tried to install this, but each time and each version, I get a "System not supported" message and the install quits. I have tried using the command line install with "BYPASS_SUPPORT_CHECK=1" flag also, but I still keep getting the error.


It is useless to call Dell for support or chat with their techies. They keep asking for money (25$ for personalized support is ridiculous, after I paid so much for the laptop and for the memory upgrade).


Has anybody found a way to install this > or has anyone found an alternative ?


Also I have tried to install "Dell Control Point" with the same results.



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  • Wow this is an old post, sorry you didn't get any replies. I'm sure that I also got this error on my system as well when installing Dell drivers. I don't believe it was Quickset, I think it was sound drivers, but maybe this will work for you. Try navigating to where the Dell driver extracts to: In your case, Quickset driver package is named R195575. When you executed it, it opened a file extraction dialogue with the default location of C:\dell\drivers\R195575. So navigate that folder and you should find an application file named Setup. Right click>Properties>Compatibility. Check the box for "Run this program in compatiblity mode for:" (Windows XP (Service Pack 2)). Then click ok and execute the file and it just might work.

    Obviously you shouldn't have to do this, but it worked in my case.

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