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Dell Inspiron 910 Mini - How to restore

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Hello all

My sister got a Dell Inspiron 910 Mini through her mobile phone provider a few months ago and as she never installed any anti-virus / firewall its been riddled with malicious software through constant use. I've used the Malwarebyte's program to remove the mainstay of the bad stuff but the machine is still slow to boot and load from login to desktop.

Anyway - I think the best route would be to restore the netbook back to factory settings. I've made a backup of all files that we want to keep. However, I'm unsure how to do the restore. The netbook doesn't have a CD drive but am pretty sure there'll be a hidden restore partition but I don't know how to activate it.

Any guidence will be appriciated. Thanks.

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  • Also forgot to say the internet isn't working at all, either via wireless or the inbuilt 3g card. I've tried resetting IE to default settings but its not worked. Any advice on to how to resolve this too would be appriciated.

  • I am having the same problem.  Please could someone help us.  I purchased mine new and over the last few months it is running slower and slower.  I also have removed everything I do not need or use and I just cant get it to go any faster or run better.  So I would greatly appreciate the help also.


  • The Minis didn't come with a quick restore -- you'll need an external USB CD drive and if you don't have a copy of Windows, you can order that here:

  • Hello.  Have you had any luck restoring your 910 Mini?  I have the same problem and don't have the restore disk.

    Thanks & Best Regards, Bill