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Latitude E6400 LED display problem


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Latitude E6400 LED display problem

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I have just received my E6400. I am having this issue which happsns sometimes. The computer has a WXGA+, LED backlit display. I  have VISTA Business installed. The problem is that the LED display shows uneven distribution of backlight from the bottom of the screen. Please see the pictures.


The thing is that this happens only when it wakes up from the sleep or hibernation mode. I restart the system, it does not happen. When this does happen, the screen completees turns to white, shows some lines for a second or two. I do not know what the problem is...Graphics card (dedicated NDIVIDA?). I do not think this is a hardware problem because the screen is, otherfwise, fine.


I hope to find the solution here!



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  • Since it's brand-new, I would not bother  troubleshooting - request a replacement system.


  • I'm curious what the resolution was on this.  I have a brand-new e6500 with exactly the same problem.

  • To clarify: my screen looks exactly like the images posted by the OP, but it is not an intermittent problem happening only after wake-from-sleep.  It's a permanent feature of the display.  The system is dual-boot, sometimes running Windows 7 and sometimes Ubuntu, and the screen looks the same with either OS.

  • This is an inverter issue and it needs to be replaced.

  • I am curious if these issues were ever resolved.  I have an e6400 that is out of warranty and the LED backlight has completely failed.  I am able to see a ghost image on the screen when illuminated by an outside light source such as a flashlight, but there is no backlight. Display is normal when connected to an external monitor, and I have attempted all software fixes such as adjusting brightness and disabling ambient light sensor.  I have also updated the BIOS with no results.

    I was told I would need a new display, but I would like to know if there is another potential cause such as an inverter or a fuse before I order an entire new display.

  • LED backlights don't use inverters - they use a converter board, which may or may not (usually isn't ) separately replaceable.  

  • Thank you for the reply, you got at the root of my question.  I am aware of a converter for the LED backlights, but I am questioning whether it is possible to replace just the converter, or if there is some other element, such as a wire harness or fuse, that could have caused my LED backlight to fail.

    I would like to avoid ordering a pile of replacement parts that I don't need