Hi all,

i'm using above Laptop together with a Desktop-PC and both are sharing Keyboard,Mouse and Monitor by a KVM-Switch from Rose Electronics. The Latitude is sitting in a Dockingstation. Because the KVM-Switch doesnt support USB-Keyboard and -mouse i have to use a PS/2-mouse. But the problem is, that this mouse and the integrated touchpad/trackpoint in the Latitude are using both the PS/2-Port.

This gives following behaviour: I cant use the scrollwheel, it just doesnt work. If i want to install drivers from Logitech (where the mouse comes from), the driver is telling me that it has detected a touchpad and will not use all of its options.

Otherwise i cannot switch off the touchpad with "Fn-F7", because it seems that it is switching off the complete PS/2-Port, so nothing works then, no mouse and no touchpad. 

It is not possible to use other hardware (its in the company, i have no chance to use other things), so i need some hints how i could get above setting to work.

Thanks, Jens