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Laptop not very responsive and very slow.


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Laptop not very responsive and very slow.

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I am having serious issues with my computer and am wondering if anyone can help me. My computer has started acting incredibly slow and even in some cases near entirely unresponsive. For instance, when typing every sentence or so the computer near freezes and types incredibly slow, like one letter per second and takes forever to catch upto what i have already typed. Also, another key issue is when i try to run itunes and other programs that may run or use any kind of disks or storage devices runs very slow. If i plug my ipod or any other storage device in it takes over a day to read it and identify it on the computer even if the device (ipod) rcognizes the computer right away. Then if i try to eject the ipod it takes days and then will respond saying that ipod is in use and cant be ejected when it isnt. Same thing with Cd's or DVD's takes forever to read and is extremely slow with them. The whole computer runs much slower and this hapened very suddenly. Typing, itunes, drivers, devices, disks, and certain programs run super slow or dont even respond. I dont think its a mtter of space cause i have almost half the computers capabilities free. I also tried to do some minor things like cleaning cookies and defraging but didnt know what i was doing really. I did a HiJackThis and there doesnt seem to be any issues there. I also have run AVG antivirus and done other system clearing things but they havent helped. The CPU usage only reads that little is being used at all and it is almost all (like always in the 90's) the System Idle Process. Any ideas? Also, one thing about the HiJackThis read that there was an error with the "Safe Connect" program, which im not sure what that is even. Another issue but was happening before so may be unrelated, is my battery stopped charging at some point. It started only charging like half full then at some point not at all. So when i unplug it it either immediately says im out and goes into hibernate, or gives me some time and doesnt even recognize its unplugged but says its still running off AC power plug.Please help!

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  • bonoabono

    you didn't give any info about pc and os, but there are basically 3 things you can do, some of which you have done:

    1. try to return the pc to a time when it was still running well. look at and possibly uninstalling anything you may have intentionally installed.

    2. run all the utilites, like av, antispyware. Defrag and ccleaner plus windows own disccleanup seem to do wonders for my pc

    3. if none of this works the next and severe step would be return to factory settings/re-installation. That would be nightmarish for me, but at times

        it'll be the one thing to really  speed it up again. Good luck.


  • Im not sure what you mean by info on the pc and os is, i unederstand the terms but what is there to say. I have done what you suggested practically and it hasnt really helped. I dont know what else to do. I'm really dreading and hoping to find a solution before reinstalling that would be a nightmare for me also. So any possible help would be great, i'm just not sure what else can be done.

  • What model system is this?

    How old is the system?

    What operating system version does it have?

    Have you run the full Dell hardware diagnostics (F12 at powerup) on the system?


  • Power: If your battery is bad, remove it and just run wired. A bad battery can be like tonsils, great when O.K., bad when bad.

    Specs: It would be helpful if you stated model, OS, how long OS has been on, memory.

    Speed: Consider going into task manager and see which processes are running using a high percentage of CPU or memory; and disable *IF* they are not system processes. Many programs set themselves to start everytime Windows starts, program updaters or O.K. programs, that you don't currently need to run.

    Reinstall: Windows is inherently unstable and should be re-installed every two years, or every year if you have teenagers (or you adventurously surf). The stories of being inconvenienced are dwarfed by the horrors of Windows crashing and lost data, photos,.....

    Back-up your data, photos,.....  now!