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Replacement Power Connector

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The power cable for my Dell Inspiron 6400 has broken recently. The outside insulator has peeled off right were it goes into the plug for connecting it to the back of the laptop, some of the outside screen/ground wire has torn, and there appears to be some sparking when i twist the wire. I would just cut round this then solder and tape it back together, but it is broken right where it goes inside the plug, which doesn't look like it comes apart. So it looks like I'm going to have to replace the plug. My question is, does anyone know where I can get such a replacement. The plug is the standard Dell power connector that I believe has been in use for several years.


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  • You can't;  the part isn't sold separately.  Replace the adapter.

    Note:  though you could probably salvage a plug from an otherwise dead power supply, this can turn into a penny-wise, pound-foolish repair - doing it incorrectly can turn a $35 adapter replacement into a $400-500 mainboard replacement.


  • Thanks for your advice, but I'd rather not have to pay to replace a perfectly good adaptor just because of a broken cable. I am confident with electronics work so I doubt I would break anything. Thanks anyway, though

  • funny thing, I had the same thing happen to a power supply after only 1 month (a Dell warrantee replacement).  Dell of course never replaces the powerr supply if it is not shorted out even under warrantee (those wonderful folks in India told me that if it turned on and powered the computer they didn't care about broken or frayed wires, it still works).  Even funnier, this replacement was to solve an intermittent power problem.  As I now know the problem was misdiagnosed intentionally since it was the motherboard being cracked where the receptacle is.  Dell of course always denies any responsibility.  New York State has a pending case regarding Dells failure to proitevide warrantee repairs/avoiding claims. 


    Anyhow, mine came off completely in a puff of smoke.  Since I have experience in soldering components (a few years ago) I would like to resolde the jack on but I need to confirm where each wire goes.  I think the outerjackt goes to the black and the inner wire around the inner white goes to the white.  The inner white goes nowhere?

  • Hi there, when I read your post I saw a similarity with your problem. I have a Studio 1535 Laptop and the words you used about the outside insulator into the plug connection is exactly what happened to ours. It happened over time and now the connector is just loose in the hole.... they say you must replace the way the connection is attached to the whole motherboard? Is that true? Thanks for your help.. I am working on this problem today so I will update if I find some info...