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Dell E1505 motherboard?


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Dell E1505 motherboard?

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I was reading the forum and found this "There are two different boards - one has integrated video, which will use up to 128M of system RAM for video. The other has a PCI Express socket for a 1505-proprietary video card (those cards have dedicated video RAM)."

Version Yd612 have the PCI slot, Version MD 666 video is integrated.

Happens that I didn't knew that till recently when I bought a mb compatible e1505/ 6400 md666, this one have the video built-in, mine pc has a dedicated video card. My question is : Can I use this mb using the built in video capabilities? and where do I attach the conector for it?

All ideas and sugestions will be greatly appreciated.

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  • You can use it but you cannot use the video card with it - you must use the onboard video.


  • Do you know where  can find which MB I have? I don't see any codes like that on the case. Do I have to open the case?


    Went back and checked the BIOS and there is a code called "System"  = MM061. IS this the same thing?

  • I had  the same problem and with your comment, I went ahead and swap the MB.

    The initial issue why my MB needed replacement in the first place was because, the battery was not getting charge from the ac adapter. The pc was working fine till the battery runs out of charge. The new mb aside from the fact of having the video built-in was  promissing. After the swap, I turn on the pc green lights came up for 1 second, an that was all:

    Pc won't boot at all, with the battery on, and pressing the power button an amber light appears, when release button light goes away.

    No light at all when remove battery and connect to ac adapter.

    I try all ideas and suggestions in all forums, open the pc again to check any connection error, remove ram, remove everything, still nothing, just the amber light when battery in.

    HELP!!!!!!, it is a mb problem again or the baterry pack?, I also check the ac adapter in another dell and works fine. 

    help, help, help.


  • The exact Dell part number is on the board near the memory sockets.

    On the second post:  it sounds like the replacement mainboard is faulty.


  • This sounds like what has happend to me. I went to DELL.COM to order a replacement motherboard for my Inspiron 6400, I loaded my service Tag Number and DELL stated the replacement part number as YD612, this part number is wrong. I need the motherboard that has the intergrated video built in (onboard VGA Adaptor/connector) That motherboard part number is MD666. Another community member stated that the exact DELL part number for the motherboard is on the board near the memory sockets - thanks to that person, I checked that location on my old motherboard and the part number is MD666. Now I have to go thru the return process with DELL to get the correct part.... what a hassle. No thanks to DELL for incorrectly stating the part number to me.

    Thanks to the community discussion so I could trouble shot the reason for the wrong motherboard from DELL.

  • Respect to Husky, after loading my service tag number with DELL they incorrectly stated my replacement  Inspiron 6400 motherboard as part number YD612 but in actual fact I checked my old board part number near the memory sockets and the part number is MD666. Thanks for the tip husky.