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spilled water onto computer


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spilled water onto computer

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Does the warranty cover water spills on computer? my computer still charges but wont turn on???

Any advise??

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  • :^/ I believe that it depends upon the warranty.  The standard one won't cover that, though the more expensive, optional one is said to cover anything.

    Mind you, that's just what I've gleaned from lurking this forum, so take it with a grain of salt...

  • Standard warranty doesn't cover the accidental damages or water spillage on the computer. My suggestion is call " Dell Technical Support " and check whether you've " Complete Care Warranty " on the computer or not. If you haven't have it then you need to Upgrade your warranty to " Complete Care Warranty " which costs nearly $ 100 and then Dell will take initiative to pull the computer to Depot and they will replace the necessary parts and send it to you the whole dispatch process will take 5 to 8 business days…


  • well the "complete care" awrrnty covers it however u can get the complete care only at the time of purchase. so your system will not be covered under the warrnty that u have. you will have to get it repaired by sending it to dell deport. and there will be some charges for that

  • " Complete Care " warranty can be purchased anytime within one year from the date of " Computer Purchase Invoice "

  • That is correct that you can purchase the complete care warranty at anytime during the 1 year warranty period, however, I don't believe you can spill on your computer, THEN purchase the complete care warranty and have Dell replace it.  You can try, but it's already happened, so you might have to pay this time around.

    I think it's like insurance.  It's hard to have no insurance and then smash your car, and then purchase insurance and ask them to repair the damage.

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