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My XPS m1330's keyboard button might be broken..


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My XPS m1330's keyboard button might be broken..

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Hi, last night while I was on my laptop, I was typing and my F keyboard button came out. I had noticed before that it was a little loose and I figured if it pops up, I can snap it back. So the button did end up coming out and I pushed it back in but it still moves around loosely and I'm afraid it will break sometime soon. Is there a place I can go to replace this button if it does break? Can Dell help me with a replacement part? :(

I feel troubled about this because it's a brand new laptop and it's not like I punch the keyboard when I type. Grr... Haha, please help!

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  • Hi Harley. Call up or do a chat with Dell support. I bought my daughter a Studio 1537 for Christmas. When I took it out, the delete key had popped off. I was able to gently push it back into place. But within a couple hours it became evident that the keyboard must have taken some sort of impact because the E and Control keys popped off, the space bar was flopping and I could see that the tiny and fragile u-shaped plastic snaps were broken off the backs of the keys. My daughter contacted support, and Dell shipped out a new lighted keyboard the same day. The only frustration was she had to spend about an hour on the phone waiting to connect to a real human. But it came free of charge and I replaced the keyboard within 20 minutes of unpacking it.


    You can find the service manual on the Dell site to help you with the removal and replacement.


    I understand that my experience may not be typical of late when dealing with Dell's rater overwhelmed support process. So my only warning is: Results may vary.


    Good luck / Jim


  • Thank you so so much for the information. I hope nothing happens to the keyboard, I was just asking in case of anything but now I know! I was figuring that since its a laptop keyboard that things would get far more complicated than it would with a normal desktop keyboard that can easily be replaced.

    Once again, thank you!