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Flashing orange battery light


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Flashing orange battery light

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I just replaced the battery in my Inspiron B120.  I was told to condition the battery by letting it run out and then charging it fully three times.  On the second time of charging it I noticed the battery light starting rapidly flashing orange while it was still plugged in.  It was solid green to begin with (per the manual), then flashing green (also per the manual), but then started flashing orange.  I unplugged it and it stopped.  It had charged the battery to 98% when I turned the computer on, so it seems that it's properly charging.  I never had the orange light come on with my first battery, this is completely new and I have not been able to find any answer to why it's doing it.  The manual indicates that it should flash orange when the battery is low and not plugged in.  For me, the computer is plugged in and charging and the orange light comes on. 

Does anyone have any idea why this is happening? Is there something wrong with the new battery I bought?

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  • I updated my E5540 BIOS and now battery is charging, no blinking orange indicator :)

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  • I am the proud owner of an Inspiron 9400 and my two boys have the Inspiron 6000 each. I found when I swapped batteries (yes they fit) the flashing orange light went back to green. After speaking with my friendly dell customer service representive I was quickly informed that the battery had reached the end of it's like (2 to 3 years) and it was time to purchase a new one. The computer recognizes that the battery is faulty and it will not charge it. I would advise that for optimum performance that you purchase new from Dell. Yes you can find recondition ones on E-Bay, but remember that you only get what you pay for. You bought the best, stay with it. Vista users usually get alert balloons popping up weeks before the charger goes into orange mode........Cheers


  • Yes, it will.


  • The same thing happened on my Vostro 1710 today. It was purchased 15 months ago. However, the battery still seems to function as normal. It still lasts about 45 to 60 min during video playback that cause around 50% CPU load. But I'm afraid the battery may never recharge again after it runs dry. That happened to my previous laptop after a few years.

  • Did anyone find the answer to the battery light flashing four quick orange/amber and one long green?  And, again, why doesn't Dell offer this answer in a knowledge base, especially since it doesn't honor its lifetime tech support!



  • This problem happens regularly on my 4500 laptop.  I am using a Dell battery.

    The problem happens when I take my usually-docked laptop out of the dock, and then plug it in the next day.  I usually see a repeating series of quick flashes: blue, orange, orange, orange, blue (steady for a second), repeat.

    I resolve it by removing and reinstalling the battery, making sure it fits snugly.

    There must be something sensitive with the multi-conductor connector between the battery and the laptop.  It is a larger battery that extends past the back of the laptop about one inch.  Perhaps this extension is putting stress on the connection when the laptop is carried around.


  • I have a Latitude C640.  I am getting 4 amber and then green.  It repeats whether it plugged into the wall or running on battery.  When I take the battery out and push the button light 1, 3 and 5 light up.  If I hold the button down the same 3 light up then ALL 5 light up.  Does this mean the battery is shot?  Or do I need to condition the battery?

  • The flash pattern means that one or more of the cells in the battery is faulty - it will soon be time for  a new battery.

  • Even if the battery indicator shows 100% charged? I ordered a new battery, but a friend said it could be the "charging circuit" What does that mean? I have a 1545 and I came into my office and on the power light I got 4 orange flashes and one white and then repeated. Dell tech support (in India) said "battery dead" and sold me a new one. If it is the pc I will be pissed. As it stands I was on the phone 3 hours and got transferred 8x before I pitched a bitch. They are now rushing me a battery due in 2 days from now, but if I get the same thing, I will stop payment on my AMEX for BOTH the incorrect $59 troubleshoot charge and the $147 battery and go buy another Toshiba (which I have had NO issues with for nearly 5 years!) The Dell came from Costco and I guess it may have sat for God knows how long; we will see if the new battery resolves the issue.

  • LIPO batteries Will die whether used or not.  Storage at 50% power extends their life if its a cool dry place.

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  • Hi, I have the same issues discussed here. The only common thing was the light started flashing 4 amber 1 green after XP SP3 update. Go figure. Think back did this all occur after microsoft updates. Good luck.

  • It just started happening on my Dell Inspiron with the original battery, even when it was plugged in. Happens when I have been on a while, but it is still random.

    I don't think it is the battery, what laptop are you using?

  • My Studio laptop battery is flashing 4 amber and 1 green. I have always kept it plugged in up until a few days ago I thought it was plugged in when it actually wasnt. The battery drained and then the lights started flashing. I have had the computer for about 1 1/2 years and never used battery power always plugged in. Was that a bad thing to do? Is my battery toast? The laptop works fine if it stays plugged in. Can anyone help me out here with an answer or fix. Thank you!

  • Bad battery charging issue 4 blinks won't charge was able to run for an hour on a charge just before failuar Dell has been building laptops for years with this problem on purpose to stick it to their customer so they have to buy a propritary Dell low quality battery. I have called I have chatted I have surfed the web & read manuals all I see are massive complaints & no honest answers. Only maybe you should buy a new mother board for more that the computer is worth or spend large amounts of money on another low quality dell battery. maybe maybe maybe from Dell. $1800.00 down the toilet Thanks Dell!

  • I had mine plugged in with the charger when I saw it. All I did was take off the plug and it stopped! If you do this and it still continues, either;

    (1) Re-start the laptop

    (2) Or run down the battery and re-charge.