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Studio 1537 - Fingerprint Scanner

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I am on Studio Latop #2 and I am running into the same issue.

The fingerprint scanner is constantly trying to scan for fingerprints (the red bar keeps running over the fingerprint icon in the system tray). 

I had a tech out for this problem already and he tried to fix it, but he ended up frying the motherboard (Dell sent my a replacement laptop since it was only 14 days old). 

I am tempted to just disable the device, but I wanted to see if someone else has experienced this or if it is some sort of a software issue.

I have created a fingerprint account and that seems to work.  The real issue is that it is draining the battery when it keeps scanning.



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  • I did all the above ( actions mentioned previously by other people) and nothing worked. I decided to uninstall everything, from driver software to the DigitalPersona software and start from scratch. I kept installing driver first, DigitalPersona software second with the same results, nothing worked. So finally I took everyone's advice and blended it together. I installed the Digitalpersona software first from the dell support website. Once I rebooted it installed the driver automatically. I uninstalled the driver from Control Panel>Device Manager>Biometrics and clicked on uninstall driver and I checked the delete driver software. I went to the dell website and downloaded the driver version from their support website and rebooted again. I also went into Control Panel>device manager>biometrics and unchecked in the Power Management section the turn off to save energy before rebooting and just in case, I turned off Windows Defender. Rebooted. I opened the DigitalPersona software, it asked me to make up a password and the rest was history.  I had been testing different alternatives for days until finally I thought out of the box. I hope it works for you as it did for me.

    Have a good one!