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Problems with smart card reader on Latitude D820


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Problems with smart card reader on Latitude D820

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I have a problem with smart card readers, installed on the laptop. After formatting my computer and reinstalling Windows XP SP2, smart card reader does not work. I instal drivers for smart card reader, but it seems like computer does not detect it. Before formatting, there was possible to safely remove smart card reader, but now the computer does not offer this option. Anybody got any idea how to address the problem?
I got a O2Micro OZ776 USB CCID Smartcard Reader.

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  • My guess is that you did not install the Dell Notebook System Software (NSS) when loading the drivers.  The full list of XP drivers for the D820 are:

    • Dell™ Notebook System Software
    • Intel® Mobile Chipset Driver
    • Intel 945GM/945PM Video Controller (Integrated video)
    • NVIDIA® Quadro® NVS 110M/120M Video Controller (optional video card)
    • O2Micro® Cardbus/Smart Card Controller
    • Biometric Reader
    • Broadcom® NetXtreme™ 57xx Gigabit Integrated Network Controller
    • Wireless driver (if applicable)
    • SigmaTel® STAC 9200 Audio Driver
    • MDC driver
    • Alps® Touch Pad Driver
    • Bluetooth® driver and stack

    For the smartcard reader to work you need the NSS, chipset and O2Micro driver loaded on the system.

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  • I load all, NSS, chipset and O2Micro driver, but it doesn't work. Is it order of precedence important when I load the drivers?

  • The NSS has to be first, with the chipset second.

    You can request replacement reinstallation media for US purchased systems here.
    Dell Drivers & Downloads for all systems.

  • I also have a problem with the 02Micro smartcard reader on a D630 from my office that I have been using since September 2008.  At first the reader worked fine.  Then it started not detecting the smartcard.  There were days it did and days it didn’t.  I have advanced EE degrees with almost 40 years of computer hardware/software experience and a fairly good troubleshooting record.  I just had the Dell replace 02Micro reader by replacing the system board.  Although this did not fix the problem I still believe it has something to do with the smartcard and smartcard reader.  I have a USB SCR331 reader that works fine with the card and the card handling software.  When I observe the ActiveClient Agent icon in the task bar as I slide the card in it shows a blip of blue instead of a steady card inserted blue symbol.  Since there are times when the 02Micro reader does work and the USB reader always works I believe it has to be the 02Micro reader, the driver, or the smartcard/02Micro connection.  I tried reinstalling the driver with the current Dell download for the D630.  Because the replacement 02Micro reader has the same symptoms I am leaning toward a generic 02Micro reader problem not working well with a class of smartcards.  The card I am using is an “Oberthur ID One V5.2 Dual.

  • I have a Government Dell D630 laptop that had not been reliably detecting my CAC (Smartcard).  Sometime after November 2009 it continuously failed to detect the card when inserted.  Other cards failed also even though they all worked fine with external USB readers (typically SCR331 readers) including one tried with the D630.  The D630 is running XP Pro SP3 and all current updates to include a reinstalled latest Dell recommended version of the 02Micro Smartcard Driver (version A04) from the Dell website.

    I have advanced degrees in Electrical Engineering and almost 40 years of computer hardware/software experience with an extensive and successful troubleshooting record.  Since it couldn’t be the driver (Wrong) both Dell Tech Support and I thought it had to be the reader.  Under the warrantee Dell replaced the system board containing the 02Micro reader.  The technician that did the work onsite at my convenience did fast, superb, and very professional work.  The problem was not fixed by this hardware change.

    My research on the web did not find any answers but did show others having similar issues, notably with a Dell D820.  In a discussion of the issue with my son James, also a savvy Engineer, he told me he was having no CAC issues with his D820 02Micro reader.  Upon checking the D820 we found it was using the generic Microsoft USB Smart Card reader driver (usbccid.sys) file version 5.2.3790.2724 (srv03_sp1_qfe.060614-0208).  Not the 02Micro one Dell has as the recommended download on their website.

    More research on the web showed that many people had tried to find a safe official version of usbccid.sys to download without success and after visiting many sites pointing to a sure thing, especially Microsoft sites, neither could I.

    The great news is that most Windows machines already have usbccid.sys hiding on them, but likely an older version than the one stated above because the updating system does not update software not in use.  I opened Device Manager and selected the 02 Micro Smart Card Reader.  One can update the driver under the Properties – Driver submenu.  It is important to select “Install from a list or specific location (Advanced)” and then “Don’t search. I will choose the driver to install.”  Check the box for “Show compatible hardware.”  Hopefully you will see a generic “USB Smart Card reader” in addition to those labeled with 02Micro.  I know the reader is built in, but choose the generic USB one.  That will put the usbccid.sys driver into use and when you do the next Microsoft update it will magically get you and install the latest version.  I did all this and now the D630 built in 02Micro reader works perfectly.  When I have a chance I will let Dell Tech Support know how to fix this issue and suggest they stop listing the 02Micro driver as the one to use.



  • I also HAD a similar problem:

    Machine: Dell D630 with Win XP SP3
    Faults:  Repeated "recovered from serious error" or BSOD seemingly caused by closing the laptop lid
    (Power setting: Do nothing when I close the lid of my portable computer) or hibernation.
    IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL - 0x0000000A

    By debugging the Minidump files it seemed that the issue stemmed from "oz776.sys".
    From Google I found a number of Dell users having this issue from 2009/2010 - possibly caused by an update?

    This forum led me to CNET where I downloaded and installed the latest OZ776 driver
    [O2Micro OZ776 USB CCID Smartcard Reader]

    All now seems well but should I have any issues I will come back and post.