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Safe CPU Temperature Range - Dell Inspiron 9300, Pentium M 2Ghz


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Safe CPU Temperature Range - Dell Inspiron 9300, Pentium M 2Ghz

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I own a Dell Inspiron 9300, with a Pentium M 2Ghz CPU. I need to know what is a safe CPU temperature range? Not the ambient temperature of the environment in which you use the laptop, but the actual operating temperature range of the CPU itself. I am concerned that my CPU is running too hot for some reason.

What is Dell's recommended range of temperature for this CPU?

Info that might help:

  • The vents are clean, and I blow them out with canned air and open the laptop to clean the fans fairly frequently.
  • At idle, the CPU sits fairly consistently between 53C and 60C.
  • I have I8kfan installed and running, with the left (CPU) fan set to turn on when the CPU hits 65C and keep running until it cools to 55C. But this means the fan is nearly always running as the CPU is constantly getting back up to 65+ temperatures when working (not idle).


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  • According to this web site, the maximum temperature for a Intel Pentium M is 100C.


    You can also check out this web site to see what it says.



  • @Bay Wolf - thanks for both of those links, which do list Pentium M max temp as 100C. I suspect that BEFORE I was using the I8kfan app to override and control the fans, that my Inspiron 9300 was hitting that higher range -- it did go to the BSOD on more than on occassion, and hasn't since I've been using the fan app.

    It would still be great if Dell or Pentium would provide an authoritative spec on the operating range of this CPU... been looking on both official sites but no luck so far.

    However, I guess a remaining question / follow-up is does it seem normal for the laptop CPU to heat up to 65+ temperatures when working (not idle) under fairly normal workload conditions... for example, Firefox, Thunderbird, and one large file open in Photoshop is a typical scenario for me and in which my CPU will easily spike up to 65+C and would go even higher if I didn't have the I8kfan app running to bring it back down.

    Assuming that is not normal, what could be a possible cause? I've read some places that maybe the heat sink could be an issue. What can I look for to determine that? Thanks in advance.