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Inspiron 1525 Issues with MMC DIsk Device


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Inspiron 1525 Issues with MMC DIsk Device

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A poster had the same problem as me but didnt post a solution does anyone know how to stop this:


I have a problem on my Inpiron 1525. There is this MMC Dsk Device that keeps showing up on my lower tool bar. It is asking that I safely remove it but It just keeps popping up and making this annoying sound. I went to the device manager and under disk drives I found it, but it appears then disappears. It is under my hitachi disk drive. I actually caught it and clicked on it once and it was unable to start. What is this. I just bought this laptop on friday... Does this come with the inspiron 1525? Should I just get rid of it, or do I need this thing?


I got mine on christmas and its the exact same problem.


Help appreciated

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  • any help?

  • I have the same problem. I opened the device manager and watched it. Above my Hitachi driver it simply says disk drive with the exclamation...then it disappears. I, too, managed to click on it before it disappeared and I uninstalled it. Then in my system tray it said new hardware found mmc drive...I don't get it. I keep getting that horrible "device connect, device disconnect" noise and had to mute the dumb thing. I'd sure appreciate it if the poster who figured theirs out would post the solution so the rest of us are in the know, too. It's so annoying!

  • good to know im not alone on this. If there is anyone else who knows how to solve this problem please post.

  • Since this is a new computer, you should contact Dell Support for help.

  • Unfortunately, mine is not new...and I can't understand their broken english.

  • I have had the same problem on and off for the last couple of months. It just started again. I couldn't believe that this issue hadn't been solved.

    But it has...

    The thread above covered the same issue.

    The solution: On the front on the Inspiron 1525 there is a protected slot for an 8-in-1 Card reader  (the MMC). There is a black tab that sits in the slot when the slot is not being used. You can remove the tab by pushing it and then it pops out. (You can put it back in simply by sliding the tab back into the slot until it locks in place.)

    The protective tab seems to make the computer think that you are inserting a card every now and then. As soon as I removed the tab, the problem disappeared. Resting your hands on the front of the laptop while typing, applying some sort of pressure near the slot, etc....these types of things seems to create the problem.

    Just remove the tab.

    (I never noticed it before, because I don't use the card reader.)


  • I have same issue.  Removing the plastic card in the front slot did not resolve the issue.  I tried disabling the drive.  Nope.  Tried uninstalling.  Nope.  Help!!!

  • Still no solution to this?  It is absolutely driving me crazy.  I've tried removing the plastic blank, blowing out the card reader, disabling the reader in the device manager, and still it keeps doing it.  I beleive I am done with Dell if there is no solution to this problem.  I cannot even find drivers for the card reader to try and reinstall them.  This is rediculous, someone please help.

  • I have the solution :)

  • that's great news Mjeldres - what is the solution please?

  • The problem occurs when a false contact between the card reader and the cover

    The solution is very simple:

    isolate the card reader cover the area indicated in the image

  • Mjeldres - I really appreciate your response - thank you.  I'm sorry I don't have your expertise so sadly for me its not simple.  Can you add some description in words please - to clarify what you mean by "isolate the card reader cover"? - many thanks!!!!!!