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plugged in, not charging


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plugged in, not charging

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I purchased a Dell Inspiron 1525 in April 2008.

About 1 month ago I noticed that my computer would automaticaly shut down when the power cord was removed, I hovered over the battery icon in the bottom right corner and it said 0% available plugged in, not charging.

I googled the phrase plugged in, not charging and realised lots of people were having the same problem.

I have tried

  • restarting and shutting down my computer (with and without battery and with and without power cord)
  • removing and replacing my battery (while laptop is on and off)
  • a replacement battery from Dell
  • my sister's battery and power cord (she also has a 1525)in my laptop and get the message plugged in, not charging. My battery in her laptop will charge but my power cord in her laptop says plugged in, not charging
  • removing the battery with the laptop on then restarting the laptop and replacing the battery
  • uninstalling and reinstalling the Power Management Software
  • switching between power plans
  • flashing with current bios

All 3 batteries (hers, my original and my replacement) have adequate charge (50% or higher)

I run with Windows Vista Home edition

Can anyone help me or suggest anything else?

I have been to the local Dell distributer and they tell me to call Dell.  I have tried calling Dell but I keep getting put on hold for 30+ minutes.


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  • i have took the laptop apart and put it back :/

    but i havent taken the cover of the keyboard and touchpad off yet;;

    i dont think i'll actually fix it; dont think its really worth the time

  • After buying a new battery, a new charger and nothing working . THIS IS WHAT WORKED FOR ME!! I went to Radio Shack and purchased a iGO Universal laptop charger. I plugged it in restarted the computer and now I am PLUGGED IN AND CHARGING!! It cost $100 but better than buying a new laptop.

  • yeah true but you'll never know if your laptop will one day crashed :/ not to mention that you still might have to buy a new battery because every charge sorta drains the power.

  • If the power supply is good, the bios is updated and there are no other issues, then the problem is probably the actual power plug.  If the warrenty on the computer is over,  and you are experienced with electronic assembly, the plug is available on the net for around $6.00, and can be replaced.  There are also places that can do the work for around $100.00 plus shipping.   the plug is actually a 3 contact plug, with the power delivered by the ouside and the inside of the "barrel" and the center pin connects and tells the computer what kind of power supply is connected.  Over time the connections can become loose, or one of the solder joints to the MB can crack and make a poor connection.

    apparently, the plug can become loose and not make good connections to the center pin, which will not allow the computer to "see" what kind of power supply it is hooked up to.  This shuts down the charging to avoid damage to the battery.

    The full service manual for the laptops are available on the dell support site, and can be found either through the laptop model or the service tag.


  • Most likely your problem is related to the battery. Apparently the battery is not working properly and cannot power the laptop when the charger is unplugged. The first thing to do is testing the laptop with another known good battery, if you can find any,or you can buy a spare replacement dell inspiron 1525 battery ,you can find it from ebay or goolge.
    If the laptop works fine with another working battery, your battery is bad and you need a new one. If you still experience the same problem even with a new battery, most likely there is a problem with the motherboard.

  • POST THIS I have 4 Dell laptops in my house 3 personal and 1 work.  The batteries of the personal INSPIRONs even though diffent models of INSPIRON seem to interchangeable. I tired all 6 or seven battery chargers (some came with extra chargers) when this problem showed up on one PC.  No go. Put newest BIOS on the one showing the problem. No fix.  Swapped batteries.  Probem went with Battery - about 2 years old. So at least in my case it appears to be the battery and nothing else. But it should last longer than that.  POST THIS.

  • Hi.

    Finally I join in. Since a few daysI have this problem, plugged in, not charging. So far I updated the BIOS, bought new universal adapter und checked battery. I found someone who has the Inspiron 6400 as well. I tried his battery in my notebook with my new charger and it didn't work. My battery in his notebook and my new charger worked fine. So it is not the battery or the charger. My notebook is running fine, when I have just the charger plugged in (I removed the battery).

    What I have read here it seems that it could be either the power plug or the motherboard connections, right? Please let my know if I missed something else.


  • I got this post in my email, not sure why it doesnt show up in the forum. Actually I was quite shocked as I figured it was a waste of time but IT WORKED!!! I'm guessing its a capacitor in the sensing circuit that needs to be discharged. John

    By David in General Hardware - Just got off the phone with tech support with this same problem on my alienware M17x running windows vista home edition SP1. He had me Power down my computer, unhook the battery the AC adapter and all other extra hardware. Then he told me to hold in the power button for 30 seconds. Afterward he had me re-insert the battery and plug in the AC adapter and reboot my comp. Don't really know what the point of that was but it fixed the problem. Might be something to try if anyone hasn't been able to solve this yet.

  • this was the case for me, by packing the centre of the socket with some fine copper wires I was able to get it to reconnect and the charging LED came on and all was back to normal.  Definitely an issue with the contact reliability in this centre signalling pin.

  • Ya my inspiron 1525 is now doing this.. its really annoying. Dell now knows theres a design flaw and yet they have yet to put out a solution to it or fix it themselves. I shouldn't have to pay money to fix their flawed product.

  • I am having the same exact problem that Kimi-Jaine described. I have also tried everything that they have done. If Kimi-Jaine is reading this have you figured anything out since then. Thanks

  • I got two laptops Dell Latitude D830, Dell Latitude E5500, i first got problem with my D830 Laptop, but i ignored, then now i got the problem with Latitude E5500, After talking to techsupport they  updated my Bios Setting ets. but did not work, they offered me to change the Motherboard and AC Adapater. Again i google and searched the dell techsupport document, which explains the power chors pins. the power card pin should straightened. i figured that the Ac Adapter power chord which connetcts to the  laptop totally bended, because of this the motherboard bios not getting the power. there by we are getting the "plugged in, not charging" or the start up message "F1 to continue or F2 to Setup..e.t.c". I am sure a new AC Adapter will fix this problem. cause my bothet laptops power chord pins are totally bended. i will update again once i fix this with a new AC Adapter.



  • Hi everyone!

    I have a new laptop (Dell Inspiron Z13-4440), Windows 7 OS, all less than a month old, so was not delighted when I got the "PLUGGED IN, NOT CHARGING" message from the battery manager icon. I started reading the Dell Community threads but hey, life's too short! Google came up with this solution from - which works for me.

    1. Disconnect AC

    2. Shutdown

    3. Remove battery

    4. Connect AC

    5. Startup

    6. Control Panel, Device Manager, Batteries, right-click the Microsoft ACPI Compliant Control Method Battery and select Uninstall (be careful you only uninstall this)

    7. Shutdown

    8. Disconnect AC

    9. Insert Battery

    10. Connect AC

    11. Startup

    As I said, it works for me - battery charging again. May be some other step-variations for other OS, mine's Windows 7.

    Worth a try before going down the expensive replacement route and until Dell gets it's act together and posts a joined-up statement of cause and effect.

    Hope it helps someone reading this thread, if not a solution for you. As I said, life's too short for the kit not to work out the box and keep on working until we decide to junk it or it wears out. This seems to be either the BIOS or OS not seeing/talking to hardware, or the fix above would not work.


  • My Inspiron 1526 is just over 3 yrs old.  While under warranty, the wi-fi card stopped working a day before I was heading north for a very important function.  They kindly shipped a replacement to the hotel.  Then 1 month out of warranty the hard drive crashed to the point I could not even reformat it.  Called Dell who wanted me to pay for a disk with the OS on it, but they finally sent it to me free of charge.  But that was the end of positive product support.  Since then the AC adapter began to separate where it plugs into the computer, and I ended up having to buy a new adapter, however it was hit-or-miss on the charging, and eventually the battery no longer charged and the computer would not turn on at all.  Took it to a computer repair shop who had to replace the AC jack.  Just after that a line of keys on the keyboard stopped working, and I had to have a new keyboard installed. When the battery refused to charge after the AC jack was replaced, I assumed it was because the batter was worn out, so I bought a new battery.  However it still won't charge.  I have been reading these forums and trying everything suggested, but the computer refuses to recognize my AC adapter, even though it is new (and a genuine Dell adapter for this laptop model).  So I have basically spent close to $300 to fix it and still don't have a computer that I can use unplugged. Considering all the problems I've had with this brand, I can't recommend a Dell to anyone I like.  I have a 6 year old desktop that has given me less problems.


    So, new AC adapter...check

    New AC jack, motherboard repaired...check

    New battery...check

    Updated BIOS...check

    Check for driver updates...check

    Connections checked, double checked, triple checked, computer turned on and off a couple dozen times to try and recognize the adapter....check

    I wanted to give it to my handicapped mom, since it's difficult for her to sit at her desktop computer.  But it's pretty darn frustrating that she will have to keep it constantly plugged in to use it.  So much for portability and convenience.  Thanks Dell...


  • If you've replaced the AC adaptor and Battery and still have issues, you more than likely have a problem within the power circuit on the motherboard. There are 3rd party repair facilities such as that do these type of repairs for around $99.00 + ship.  I'd contact Dell first to see if they can help or cover it under warranty.