Help - Inspiron 1525 shuts down randomly


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Help - Inspiron 1525 shuts down randomly

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I have a Dell Inspiron 1525 that I purchased new in August. It started to shut off at random times very sporadically about two months after that. There is no blue screen, no warning, no reboot - just shuts down. I contacted Dell support last week, after it started shutting down several times a day. The support tech had me turn off the option that shuts the machine down when there is an error. It seemed to help for a few days and now it is back to shutting off for no apparent reason. Has anyone had this issue and how did you fix this? It is so annoying!
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  • I have a Dell Inspirion 1525 that I purchased  in August 2008 as well. It is finally dead after months of random shut downs.  Same exact situation.  This couldn't be more frustrating. As a long time Dell family...lots of purchases, I can honestly say that I will never, ever consider Dell again.  The arrogance and ignorance of their support staff is ridiculous. It's sad to say that there's nothing left to do with this laptop. It sits collecting dust and will serve as a remindor why I will eliminate Dell from my household and be an advocate for another vendor in my school district.

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  • I have the same problem, my 1525 shuts down randomly with no patten or warning then restarts fine.

    I contacted Dell who ran hardware tests but found no problems so put me through to Software support who wanted to charge me £57 to restore it to factory settings. Even though I am still in Warranty. I chose not to do this and went to see a local DIY shop where I have had previous computers fixed. The guy in there said he has had several laptops in with the same problem. He has then re installed all the software, re-done the heat connection patches or something and the problem persits. He has advised I contact Dell and get them to take it back and fix it as there is no solution he has found to this problem.

  • verify that the battery lock tabs are both engaged.  we had a similar issue with a 1420 haunting us for a couple of weeks, and as it turned out, simple but effective came into play for once.  evidentally the power would bounce enough from the battery not being seated properly--even with house power applied through the charger, and the system management would shut it down with the spike/glitch/whatever you wanna call it.  This was unnoticed by us for a good length of time, so I thought it may be possible that it could be happening with you.   good luck, bapowel.

  • I too have an Inspiron 1525 that has been randomly and sporadically shutting off! I finally called Dell after  I have researched the problem only to find out that there have been a ton of complaints for this same model doing the exact same thing. After a very long phone call with Dell they have determined that my hard drive needs to be replaced. As soon as I replace it and run it I'll repost and let everyone know how well it worked out. If for some reason this does not cure my problem I have been told to send the computer back to Dell. Good luck to everyone else with this problem, it truly has been a pain in my side.

  • OK so I recieved my new hard drive today and installed it however it didn't seem to help with the problem..... GRRRRRRRRAngry It looks like I'm going to have to send the computer back.


  • ok guys,i like you have had the exact same problem,its nothing to do with the hard drive,it seems to be the cpu and memory getting too hot.i ran a program on my system called regcure,i cleared everything that was using lots of memory,and guess what?its cured.defo buying cooling pad to sit her on tho.i also replaced my memory as they were that hot i could not touch em without serious burns

  • 'dbeaven' no offense..... but did it really helped after running 'recgure'.... m too facing this issue and off late its annoying me....pls any help wud be appreciated....

  • No, Regcure didn't help the shutting down problem.  I have actually had to send my computer back to DELL, I'm waiting to get it back.  If your computer is still under warranty you might also have to send it back.

  • appreciate ur many days has it been for u to get it back... mine is alright under warranty but pls buzz me as soon as u get it back and also is it back to normalcy or not?? again any help wud be appreciated....

  • Alright so I'm on day two after getting the computer back after having the mother board, fan and heat sink changed and so far so good! I have done everything with the comuter that triggered the shutting down before and it has yet to do it (knock on wood). I'll post again soon to let everyone know what's going. Lets hope what they have done has fixed the issues.


    All I can say to everyone now is Good Luck and if your warranty is good give Dell a call and get it sent back. Smile


  • My Inspiron 1526 when running hot for a half hour it does that too, I cannot seem to even run only IE with DWM and Explorer... It is just crazy, I would prefer the Inspiron 1520 but Dell removed it from it's line-up... I just hate to say but Dell should recall their Inspiron 1525 and 1526... Just models that does not work well!

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  • Alright so I've had my computer back for about a week now after they have replaced the motherboard, heat sink and fan and knock on wood not a problem yet. Trust me I have a hard time believeing that the problem is fixed for good, but we'll see. I'll post again after a bit and let everyone know how I've made out with it.

  • i called up dell's customer care... they asked me to keep the system in BIOS for a couple of hours then then called me back to chk but the computer dint go off in the BIOS state... now they say its a software issue and i wud have to format the system m confused wat to do.... theres loads of data on my pc... hw did u get to change the motherboard and stuff.... pls help asap....

  • When I called the first time they had me run through tests while I was on the phone with them and I read them back the codes, they never had me do the BIOS thing at all. When I read the codes back from the test they said it was the hard drive which I changed and that wasn't the case because it kept doing it so I just called them back the next day, told them I put in their new hard drive and it was still shutting down so then they had me send the computer back. I would call them back have them instruct you through testing like I did. Insist that you think it's the mother board, hopefully they will send you a box so you can send it back.... Good luck

  • I recently read about a class action suit that was brought against Dell for another model.  I am seriously wondering if it would be appropriate for the Insprion 1525 as well. 

  • Mine was doing the same thing and someone told me the only thing that would cause it to shut down with no warning was overheating.  I bought a cooling pad and I have not had that problem for over a month.