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A better Alps touchpad driver? Latitude E6500 or similar


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A better Alps touchpad driver? Latitude E6500 or similar

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I have just received a Latitude E6500, with Windows XP.

The software for the Alps touchpad is very "bare-bones": in particular there are no tap zones, no web browsing facilities.

There are a myriad Alps drivers around with better facilities, including in the Dell library. Can anyone recommend a particular driver that works? (Windows XP, of course)

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  • I've been having the same issues.  I haven't found any drivers updates but I did find this:

    To unlock the native touchpad features which are masked by Dell's software:

    1. Go to control panel and select MOUSE to see what options are available (very few) and close that all up.

    2. Next click on the Windows Start icon and type regedit in the search box.
    Windows Registry will open.

    Navigate to HKEY_LOCALMACHINE\SOFTWARE\Alps\Apoint and look for the key; (it's the 2nd to last entry on the list)


    Change the value from 1 to 0 and click on OK

    3. Next minimize the registry (don't close it yet).
    Goto Control Panel and select MOUSE.
    Now all the ALPs settings are unlocked and appear here.

    For example the GESTURES feature is now showing.
    Select GESTURES tab and check ON the box for
    Use Back/Forward Buttons.
    Then click APPLY and OK.
    Close the Mouse settings and close the Control panel.

    4. Now go back to your registry setting and change
    UseCustomGUI back to it's original value of 1 and close it and the reg editor.

    Everything is back exactly as it was but the feature remains enabled.

    All done....now when your surfing just swipe your finger along the top edge of the touch pad to go back and forward.