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AC Power Adapter Type Cannot Be Determined


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AC Power Adapter Type Cannot Be Determined

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So.. I see this problem has been posted about before, so I just wanna know what my options are.

This problem actually popped up on me a few months ago, but I was able to remove and insert the power cord a few times and the message would go away and I would be able to charge my battery. But as a month or two passed, it became more finicky, and I had to jiggle with it a little more, but still, I was able to charge my battery and use my laptop wire-free.

Now today, I've been trying all day, and cannot for the life of me get the battery to charge. I get the following message when I plug the wire in.

"The AC power adapter type cannot be determined. Your system will operate slower and the battery will not charge. Please connect a Dell 65W AC adapter or higher for best system operation."

Also, I think its worth nothing that a lot of people mention that this error message comes up while they are booting their Laptops, mine only comes up once Vista is loaded and I attempt to reinsert the cord.

So, I have tried another Dell charger, a 90W one, and the same problem does occur (My original is a 65W). I am planning on getting a different battery tomorrow to see if it is the battery, as this ones usable life was getting quite low, down to barely a half hour per full charge. My warranty, although I'm not sure of the specifics, was not expired when this problem first came up, but is now expired by I would say 2 months at the most.

Oh, I have a M1330, and I have gotten a lot of use out of this laptop, and I was hoping to use this for school beginning in  mid January. Anyone have any ideas or suggestions about what I should do? As I said I am a student, so the more cost-friendly the better. Thanks a lot


Rajat Varma

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    I just been to one of your service center in Kalyani Nagar, Pune. I must say they are dead men at work.

    They( like govt. employees) treat customers as like we are unwanted people making them work.

    And if you people don't keep usual spare parts in Service Center why you have opened them in first place?

    those people doesn't seems like technical people but the people who knows that solution to every problem is to REPLACE THE PART.

    the reason to be there was, the charger didn't work. the guy at store asked me to keep it there. he will order one and will reach to them within 2-3 days. when i asked him what would i do till that time.. then he said (very carelessly) "take your original charger with you and CALL US after 2 days to check if the charger came..."

    Wow! what a service center you have.. they are not interested in catering customers, they are impulsive to customer's problems, they don't care to keep you informed.. you have to do it on your own..

    God knows what would happen if I'd have called in your support center.. you might have asked me to come to b'lore for solving problem. won't you?

  • I'm surprised but this fix worked for me too! Thanks so much. I've had this problem with several computers and ended up replacing the power adapter and or the battery and those fixes always worked. However, this fix was free! Wow!

  • The fix I'm referring to for "AC Power Adapter Type Cannot be determined" is removing and then reinserting the adapter with more pressure than usual and holding it in place until the charging light comes on.

  • Insert the power adapter into your computer using more pressure. Hold it in place a few seconds until charging begins and then let go. It worked for me and I had no further problems with that error message!

  • ok well i honestly like dell as company (dont hate) but i found a solution that worked for me if you look at the end of your charger there is a little pin in the middle i got so frusterated that i got some needle nose (actualy leather men) and i bent the needle very slightly that i could still plug it in but enough to make sure it is bent and and i pluged it in and bam it worked. dont ask me why but it just did so 3 different adaptars that i purchased went to paper wieght  but no my computer is charging and is once more portiable 

    I hope this helps


  • AC Power Adapter Type Cannot Be Determined


    I work in IT Related Field i like fixing computer problems

    I had the same problem i started to dig in to the problem step by step

    so Here is the steps i took to resolve this problem

    I have Dell inspiron N4010

    Step 1 Google search try those things as mention in this forum thread

    Step 2 I Checked ac adaptor ( i went to dell service center in my location to test adaptor/charger for FREE ( No problem Found)
    Step 3 I Check battery  is dead or not some service center do that for free if you take battery only to service center :) (No problem found)
    Step 4 OK this is how i fix my problem now i know that  battery is not charging because it does not receive AC Power so i shake very carefully and gently

    the motherboard pins where battery pins is connecting to and clean it softly and put the battery to its seat again and switched on the AC power

    WOLAA! my battery status light becomes ON and my problem  is fixed

    No Choice ? The last thing do  is   using in AC power or changing Motherboard Thank god i cant afford  that much these days ;) and i know there are ppl just like me.

    hehe I hope you guys find this info useful

    good luck

  • I have a m1330 with the same problem.

    My fix:

    I disconnected the small cell battery which is connected to the motherboard. ->reconnect


    Charges again...

  • They won't fix this problem under the warranty, as i've just found out to my disgust!  They are nothing but thieves!

  • A new coin-cell battery is for sure not going to fix a power adapter problem for good......