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Dell XPS M1530... Battery not charging, says its plugged in but not charging... someone please help!


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Dell XPS M1530... Battery not charging, says its plugged in but not charging... someone please help!


  • Yep, same problem here with my Dell Inspiron 1545's.  Bought 2 at the same time.  Have you ever noticed when you google "Dell battery" the auto complete says "not charging?"  I have read umpteen hundreds of posts about this same issue.  Mine were under warranty so I called them on 4 different occasions and they "fixed" the issue four different times.  One laptop even got a new motherboard and power board.  They sent new batteries, new chargers, new everything just enough to get it through the warranty.  Then a month out of warranty it did it again.  I"ve basically given up.  Now I'm stuck with a piece of crap.

    Dell should FIND A PERMANENT FIX FOR THIS ISSUE!  People should not have to be rewiring their power cords (I've seen a few threads on that one.)

    How can we get a class action suit going?

  • Thank you very much . I had the exactly the same problem. I did what you had told on the site and it worked instantly. Thanks again!!!!!!Smile

  • I had the same problem - battery not charging. I'd bought a brand new battery online and got the error as soon as I installed. Tried rebooting, removing ac  power adapter, changed ac power adapter. Nothing worked. Then, I flashed the A09 bios and after it automatically rebooted, the battery started charging. Thank you for providing the link to A09.

    Now, the battery is at 100%.

  • You download the A09 bios file from Dell. I had to put it on a usb stick. I also booted up from a boot disk and flashed the bios using the file for my model (mine was 1530_a09.exe) Since I was running Vista, I booted from a boot disk (I used Hiren's Boot CD). Got to a dos prompt and went to the usb stick drive letter (like f:) and then typed in 1530_a09.exe /forcetype to make it use the older bios. Dell gives you a warning if you don't use the /forcetype and will not let you do it. I did it anyway and my battery problems went away immediately after flashing the bios from a12 back to a09. It is the only way to fix this issue that I know of.

    Thanks for all the hints and help.


  • Battery shows no charge and I am attempting to execute A09 BIOS for my M1330.

    Receiving error message when attempting to run A09

    :The AC adapter and battery must be plugged in before the BIOS system can be flashed. Press OK when they are both plugged in or cancel to quit.

    It seems the AC adapter and batter are plugged in.

    Anyone been in a similar situation?


  • Sadly, I have discovered you must have over a 10% charge on the battery to execute the bios downgrade. Strangely enough I borrowed my buddies m1330 battery long enough to do the a12 to a09 downgrade (had to forceit too)...worked and I was able to use my old battery again...that is one messed up a12 Bios if you ask me.

  • hi my laptop dell xps m1530 show at icon battery area plugged in, not charging

  • I had the same problem and simply needed to flash to an older BIOS version. The battery charging worked fine after I flashed back to BIOS Version 09. Try it. 

  • I had the same problem, Had to create a bootable dvd disk, and use the forceit command.  Now the computer says plugged in/charging, but the battery isn't charging.   I replaced the AC Adapter/Battery.  The battery was drained to 0% for quite sometime, wondering if now the issue can be a bad battery, any ideas?  When I boot the computer up, it shows it charging and then it stops, but it does say plugged in/charging


    I atually bought a couple of after market batteries and they work fine now... I should mention to you that i had to replace my hard drive during that time frame also, so I'm not sure I would not have had the same problems you are experiencing... i know there is a setting in the bios somewhere that you should check, but I can't remember where or what it is... i'm guessing you have completely removed the battery and reinstalled it, this did work for me initially, but would always revert back to the same problem after some time...


    Sorry, not much help... Best of luck...

  • Draining the battery and capacitors helped me. Thanks for the tip.

  • Here's what worked for me - after countless hours scouring the web for solutions (none of the other solutions proffered up on the web seemed to work for me).

    I went to the Dell support web site - I think that this is important: you have to use Internet Explorer) - searched for XPS M1530 BIOS and found V.A09 (I upgraded quite a while back to A12). I downloaded A09 (yes, the prior firmware version!), "flashed" firmware (it's kind of scary since a failed flash can "brick" your laptop) and VOILA, it worked!!!

    Don't let people tell you it's a bad DC converter or that the motherboard needs to be replaced - though I suppose it could be one of those things - for me, the "downgrade" to A09 worked wonderfully. BTW - this might be my imagination, however, my laptop (XPS M1530) seems to run lots cooler now. FOR ME AT LEAST, the changing of firmware to the prior version (A09) fixed my problem. The battery is charging up and after about 1.5 hours, the charge went from 20% to 100%. I am very glad that I didn't go off and replace power adapters, send the new battery back, put in a service call, etc., etc.

    Sometimes SW upgrades are, actually, problematic and what some might call a "downgrade" is, actually, an improvement/fix. Reminds me of when I "downgraded" from Vista to XP. 

    I hope this works for you.

    BTW: your laptop MUST be plugged in and have a battery (with approx. 10% charge) to flash firmware (change BIOS). I ignored all the warnings about Dell not recommending downgrading firmware, BTW. They're the ones happy to sell you new AC adpaters, batteries, and (out of warranty) motherboards.

    Good luck!


  • I had exactly the same problem, switching power cords didn't work but reducing the battery settings from 'high performance' to 'balanced' did. I have no idea why this worked but just saying for a simple way to sort this, just in case it works for anyone else.

  • i keep getting an error "Flash Access Denied   Please make sure you are logged in as an Adminstrator then try re-starting the application".  our profile has admin rights so im not sure what to do?  i was just trying to save the A09 on my desktop... is this because i didnt use a USB drive instead?  (cant seem to find one right this second so will need to find/get one if need be).  

    any help is much appreciated!