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Yesterday the battery on the keyboard began to shine, which signals a low battery status. I attached the keyboard to the laptop and also plugged in the power plug. The keyboard does not seem to recharge, because the light still shines constantly. According to the handbook, the light should be blinking, while the battery recharges. But this may be a issue of the missing keyboard drivers, because I realized, that the "Fn"-key does not work. So I can't check the real battery level and I also can't see, if the battery recharges.

I also don't have the power-options in the "Dell QuickSet" Application. This may be, because for Vista only QuickSet v. 8.0.13 is available, while XP already has version 8.2.x.

Does someone else use this Laptop with Windows Vista and has a smilar problem? In fact, the battery should recharge, no matter which keyboard drivers are installed. If not, there must be a hardware problem. But to check out, which one of this two cases is my problem, I have to see, if the battery recharges.


Thanks in advance for your help


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  • My keyboard wasn't working (pairing I suppose) after coming back to my computer (it had been left on hours before and had worked fine).  In my attempts to re-pair, restart, etc, it started flashing blinking the right three leds blue, and and occasionally the left one too, with an interspersed orange led flashed blinked in.  I tried the firmware update r161000 with no change.  the right 3 blue leds don't stop flashing even after reseating the battery (and trying to leave it out a while).  i can hold down the bluetooth connection button and make them go solid before they return to their non stop flashing.  i googled and another forum came up where someone else is also experiencing the 3 right leds flashing blue.  so this post was my next step.

  • hi zerbel, you problem with the flashing lights is because the keyboard is not pairing. havre to connect and usb mouse and keyboerd, start windows, let finish and when ready use your mouse and click on the task bar, bottom right hand side and look for the bluetooth icon double click, and it will display a window and inside you will see a keyboard icon, clicj on it; a dialogue will pop up and tell you to enter about six numbers, those numbers have to be entered using your Dell keyboard, once done press the enter key, after a few seconds will tell you that you can use ur keyboard...

  • hi oscar.  when i'm in the bluetooth devices control panel, i do see the keyboard but clicking on it does nothing.  the mouse shows up too (which has always worked, and in this control panel says "connected').  Clicking on it does nothing but highlight it either.

    So I tried the Add button and saw the routine where you could generate passwords.  So tried that for my keyboard, both choosing my own and letting one be generated, and then doing these again after deleting my keyboard from the bluetooth list and letting the computer find it anew.  Every time the dialogue box comes up saying the device has not responded to the passkey exchange.

    Today I received the replacement keyboard battery from DiscountElectronics.com, so it looks like that's not the problem.  Any other suggestions before I look for a new keyboard?

    Thanks for your post, Mike



  • Try entering 0000 as the passkey under the enter from documentation choice. Then click next, and after it syncs enter 0000 on your wireless keyboard and press enter on it.

  • same problem. spent about 1 1/2 hrs on phone with support.  they had me buy a new battery.  didn't fix it.   i did replace the bluetooth module and it would sync immediately with mouse but not keyboard.  i did what someone else recommended and opened the bluetooth devices.  had it search for the keyboard, then entered my own passkey 0000 ( you must press "enter") when you are through. works now with no problem.  keyboard would not sync using a passkey the the system came up with, so don't choose that option.

    wouldn't waste money on the phone chat again.  these forums provide much better info

  • i have experiened this 3 more times since i first posted.  i bought an extra battery and then keyboard initially and neither worked then or as this problem has reoccured.  so i learned it was at least partly the computer.  i can go to the control panel window's bluetooth options (bluetooth wizard in Programs sometimes doesn't come up at all).  then however i have to try a few times to coordinate the computer's bluetooth device search with pressing the button on the keyboard.  i learned that the 3 LEDs flashing on the keyboard will flash more slowly after you hold the bluetooth connection button down for about 7 seconds.  after 20-30 seconds they will return to the faster flashing which i think means the pairing time is over.  sometimes the entering of a passkey isn't recognized either and requires more attempts at trying the pairing within the right window of time after holding the bluetooth button down and proceeding within that slower-3-LEDs-blinking period.    of course bringing up the control panel, etc, requires a usb mouse until the repairing is finally successfull.

    it would have been much better if Dell  (or anyone) had been able to relay this knowledge to me before the phone call, time invested, and money spent on parts.

  • THIS IS THE SOLUTION !! i was messing around with the keyboards bluetooth button on the front right bottom side, cause im inqusitive and crazy. lol ! my lights started flashing and then they wouldnt stop ! i kept pressing the bluetooth button, nothing happened. kept it pressed for 5 seconds, they stay on for 3 seconds, then flash again. i got scared. i read this forum, found nothing. THEN i took the battery out, put it back in, lights still flashing !! uuurrrgghh i PANIKKED !! and THEN, i plugged in my usb keyboard, went to the bluetooth task manager, DELETED / REMOVED the xps keyboard from the system, and then clicked new connection. it searched my keyboard, it asked me to type a 4 digit number from my bluetooth keyboard, i was really skeptic saying this aint gonna work. but i entered those numbers, and the windows said something like DONE OR READY. and the lights stopped flashing and my keyboards working agaiinn !!! yaaaaayy !!!

  • I've been having the same problem with my M-2010 keyboard. I believe the problem is the pairing. I've updated the software and that didnt work. I double clicked on the bluetooth icon in the lower right corner and it doesnt show anything in there. If I try clicking on New Connection I get a msg that says bluetooth is not ready.

  • Agree. This is really straightforward and works. (even two years later!)