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XPS M1730 Temperature and Fan problems


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XPS M1730 Temperature and Fan problems

  • Yesterday when I was working on my laptop.  The laptop proceeded to get reasonably hot. The left region where you rest your wrist got particularily hot. More so than the right anyways. I also noticed that the fans were not running (neither the GPU fans nor the CPU fan).  I shut down the computer. and am using another terminal to write this. I have not restarted the computer because I am concerned about CPU / GPU damage and don't want to restart unless I have a way of monitoring the temperatures and fan activity.


    Is there a Dell provided software utility, or Dell approved one, for monitoring / alarming temperature settings for the system (CPU / GPU / Hard Drives / Ambient / etc.) and Manually turning on the fans if there is a problem.  Also I need to know why this happended in the first place. Is this a BIOS problem? or some sort of hardware related issue? 


    I have currently been on hold for dells customer support line for (45 min running) and am now looking elsewhere for the help.


    Thank you in advance for any advice.

  • run diagnostics on the fans and sensors.
  • Hi, Thank you for the response. I did that with the Dell rep once I got through the phone queue. Even though the fans passed the tests, they are coming out to replace them as a precautionary measure. By the way it looks like we have almost the same system. Here is some info that I got from the tech. The only way to get the active temp readings in from the computer is to read them in BIOS mode, meaning you would have to reboot to get to them and re-entering BIOS once things got hot. Not very useful from a real-time monitoring and alarm standpoint. She didn't know of any software solution that Dell Supported. Also she didn't know whether or not the "cooling settings" of the computer was something that was settable. Setting the computer to up the fan speeds at lower temperature thresholds. After a bit of searching online I have found programs like SpeedFan, I8KFanGUI, HWMonitor and others, but am reluctant to use them because of warranty reasons. 1. Do you know of you of any Dell Supported software for Thermal monitoring and or management? 2. Do you know if the fan / temperature thresholds are something that can be set programmatically from inside Windows? 3. Have you had similar problems your self? 4. What Temperature ranges do I need to worry about for the CPU - GPUs before damage incurs? I guess we will start with that. Thank you again for responding.
  • I don't know of any Dell supported fan monitoring software. I would say fanspeed but that could damage your system and void the warranty. I don't know what temp ranges the laptop can handle. I recieved my m1730 via exchange in July and have not had any overheating or fan problems. I would suggest calling or chatting with dell again and get them to replace the video chip(s) as well. Also get a cooling pad. That would really help.




    I have this cooler and it is amazing. It also comes in silver.

  • Hi,


    The reason why it got hotter in the left bottom corner because that is were the Hard drive is at. The hard drive does create heat. The xps m1730 aren't affected by the graphics cards issue.


    Also it would be better to use Dell support chat online. Much faster and you are able to understand reps.


    Here is the link: http://support.dell.com/support/topics/global.aspx/support/chat/hardware_chat?c=us&l=en&s=gen



  • The hdd is at the middle right not the left side. the cd/dvd/bluray drive is at the left. and even though they are not affected doesnt mean he/she got a bad video card.
  • I suggest downloading/installing the following temperature monitoring software:

    CPU:  Core Temp (runs/shows CPU temps in the system tray)
    CPU fan control:  I8kfanGUI Fan Control Utility
    GPU Info + Temps:  GPU-Z
    All:  HWMonitor

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