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Inspiron 1525 "plugged in, not charging"


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Inspiron 1525 "plugged in, not charging"

  • Greetings to all who are or have suffered the inconvenience of a mains adaptor  that does not charge your laptop battery but does power the computer.

    I have been using an Inspiron 1720 for roughly two years without any problems but then a few weeks ago the above mentioned fault was displayed.

    It seemed obvious to me that the mains adaptor had developed a fault  and after investigating the PLUG and socket connection to the laptop the fault became all too obvious. The Dell Computer plug contains a central  PIN which had become bent and therefore not connecting to the computer. Unfortunately the PIN snapped when I attempted to straighten it.....

    My attempts to purchase a replacement plug from specialist shops proved fruitless leaving only one alternative , A new adaptor  costing £22  including postage

    Via Amazon  

        I am unhappy with Dell for using a none standard plug/socket  and thereby forcing me to buy a new adaptor .   A replacement plug if made available by Dell would be a fraction of the price of an adaptor  

    Fellow  laptop users this information may save you time and frustration .



    Charging a laptop battery involves many components and the charging process has been increasingly complex over the years.

    Therefor diagnosing a "laptop battery not charging" message has become quite a task.

    Here's an overview of the components involved in charging a (DELL) laptop battery.

    Laptop battery not charging




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  • Greetings Laptopnomad,

    Many thanks for your very interesting and informative response to my post.    It appears that I have been lucky with my laymans diagnosis of my PA10 adaptor

    model DA90PS1-00         ref No ADP-90AH  EA

    Output 19.5V        4.62A ......

    The illustrations included in your email show a  plug which has been opened , I have considered splitting open the broken plug and repairing it but as the identification pin is missing is a repair possible ?

    However if you know a supplier of this type plug  moulded or otherwise, I would grateful  for a name and address/email/telephone No.....

    Thanks again


    may I ask if you are a Pro photographer Like myself  {but retired}

  • If the ID pin is missing it prolly broke off.

    If the ID pin touched the inside of the plug tube the ID chip is probably dead.
    The inner tube carries 19 volts, the ID chip can only take 5 Volt max.

    Not a photographer - just carry one as Thessinger did :-) but not a Leica.
    Laptop Junction's breakdown section will have a few dead digital camera articles in the future.

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  • I'm not an expert nor have I read all these post however, I did have the 'plugged in, not charging message'.   My solution was that I bought the Targus Compact Laptop Charger and used the L109 head.   It has the correct prong to give power and charge a Dell laptop.   

  • Hello all,

    I'm experiencing the same problem (message before the Vista starts and 'plugged in, not charging') on my Inspiron 1525 with 17months of use. 

    I thought the problem was in the AC Adapter, but I removed the battery and the computer still working. Could be a Vista automatic update?

    Thanks in advance.



  • Hi friends,


    I have same kind of problem. like charger is working when charger out my laptop off. but as long as charger connect then laptop on.

    I don't know what can Do my laptop is not that much old.And I found problem. If Go with dell they charge more. bcoz warranty expire.

    At this stage I recommends my other friend don't buy Dell product. My laptop is fine but its only 2 year I have problem.I dont think soo its good product.


    Haresh Patel

  • I just did the same - bought the board on ebay, took2 hours to install it , and......same problem!  I was very disappointed.  I did pay only $10 for mine (wonder if it was bad).

    This was after trying another power adapter and new battery.  Do you have any idea of something else to try?


  • I found a fix for the "plugged in not charging" problem.  The problem is that the pin on the end of the ac adapter stops making contact with the receptacle.  To fix this I took some very fine wire and meshed it together.  I then took a tweezers and jammed it into the receptacle.  The pin now makes contact and charges perfectly.  It's not high-tech, but it works.  It will save you from buying a new motherboard, which is what Dell recommends.  I think that Dell should hire me as a tech and pay me lots of money, don't you?  David

  • @supergirl83


    If you still have warranty time left, I say get the laptop serviced.   The  Dell plugged in not charging issue is widespread, probably due to some poor choices at Dell.  The 90w AC power supply used by most Dell laptops including the Inspiron 1525 has a small center conductor (pin in the center of the plug) that tells the laptop a genuine Dell ac adapter is plugged in.  Unfortunately, when that connection is not working the laptop will not charge the battery -- even though the it runs the laptop.  

    Sometimes its the adapter, so you can just replace it not cheap, but easy.  Unfortunately in many cases its the socket in the laptop or the motherboard.  In that case it needs to be replaced very not cheap and very not easy.  So if you try your adapter in another Dell and it works, I would say get it into service before your warranty expires.

    a foolproof check on the conductor is to hold the F2 key and power on the computer.  It will go into bios setup mode.  

    Scroll down to >>system >> check the battery info

    It will show a graphic of the battery(s) and below that will be the type of AC adapter plugged in.  If the center conductor is connected it will say Dell 90watt adpter detected (or something similar).  If the connection is not made it will say unknown device installed.

    Seems to me to be a poor design issue since so many Dell laptop owners are complaining.  Just search plugged in not charging on google or yahoo.


    If anyone hears that Dell is going to help folks out with expired warranties -- let me know.


  • Where did you get the jack by itself?  I'm having the same problem. I've purchased a third party adapter and also an dell oem adapter, which none worked.  I've used my brothers adapter and it works great without any problems.  Replacing the jack or the power board doesn't make sence to me but just in case.  It would be appreciated.



  • benGman78

    I had the same issue, diagnosed the problem to be with the jack after testing battery to be ok. The problem was the power supply was not recognized by the BIOS so was allowing the charger to power the laptop but not charge the battery. The center pin is the problem not making the correct contact.

    I solved this by disassembling the laptop, de-soldering the jack and replacing the jack for a new one. After the rebuild the charger is now recognized. A cheap fix but does require some skill.

    If de-soldering is not for you the DC jack is on a seperate circuit board, this can be purchased seperate from ebay, less complicated but a little bit more expensive.



    Where did you get the jack by itself?  I'm having the same problem. I've purchased a third party adapter and also an dell oem adapter, which none worked.  I've used my brothers adapter and it works great without any problems.  Replacing the jack or the power board doesn't make sence to me but just in case.  It would be appreciated.



  • We've been getting a lot of these in the shop lately, and i was ordering the charger board off eBay for awhile, but i noticed some of them look to be be clones and have a cheaper build quality / lifespan. We had "New" boards failing in a few weeks when ordered on ebay. We switched sources and we've been having good luck. While googling i found this place that sells the boards for $29.99 and they pretty much tell you how to diagnose what is causing your laptop not to charge. Inspiron 1525 not charging through process of elimination.


    Has anyone been able to figure out what is causing these boards to fail in the first place?



  • I wanted to validate that this is what fixed my problem:


    "I've just managed to fix  my "plugged but not charging" problem with Inspiron 1525. All you need to do is  to replace power board (Part  number 48.4W006.021)  - looks  like  this   . Very easy to do ( takes 1,5 -2 h ) if  you know  how to operate screwdriver and use Dell service manual :    You can  find this board on ebay - I paid for mine 35 pounds"

    Thanks a bunch to whomever posted that info!   I had to replace the little power input board that attaches to the main board.  PIA to get to it, you have to dismount the main board just to plug it in Surprise   Anyway, I found the part on eBay for about $8... the rest was my own labor to replace the part.  I'd say, if you were competent, focused and dedicated, you could replace the piece in about an hour.


    Good LUCK!

  • MJOHNS55 - no problem  Big Smile