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  •     Hello rlarocque,

    I've solved the problem by installing the "R194881.exe" file pack.

    Please click this link :  to find the driver.

    Have a nice day.

    Best regards.

    David LAGRUE

  • I have an E6400 and was also having the same issues with the card reader. My solution was probably not the best, but it was effective as it got my card reader working correctly. In device manager there should be 2 listings for the reader. One should be under " IDE ATA ATAPI Controllers" which is the Ricoh SD/MMC Host Controller", this driver is correct and works fine. The problem is under " Secure Digital Host Controller" which is a standard SD Card Reader Controller from 2002 that came with service pack 2. For those users still having trouble getting there card reader to work here are a few steps that will fix the problem.

    1. right click on "My Computer" then click "Manage" then click on "Device Manager" on the left of the window.

    2. click the + symbol next to "IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers", "Ricoh SD/MMC Host Controller" should be listed there, right click on this then go to properties. Click the Driver tab at the top and click the "Driver Details" button, this will show you where the driver file is located. Should be C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\rimmptsk.sys.

    3. Locate this file in the windows directory and copy/paste it to your desktop, rename the file "sdbus" and place the file back in the above directory. It will ask if you want to overewrite, choose "yes".

    After completing these steps restart your computer, and place your SD card in the reader and it will read and show in "My Computer". Keep in mind this is just a work around for the card reader.

  • That was it, thanks :)  Work Ok!  Gracias me sirvió en mi Lap!!!

  • danku

  • Looking in the security...

    Dell ControlVault Driver
    this content  -> Broadcom USH driver
    download and install