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Latitude E6400 Drivers

  • Can someone point me in the right direction for XP drivers for a Latitude E6400 for the following:


    Broadcom USH

    Contacted SmartCard


    Neither of these are available for some reason from the driver download section on



  • Did you install the Dell notebook system software and the chipset driver?


    this is the card reader driver:



    Which Broadcom driver you need depends on whether it's wired or wireless and if wireless, which model card you have.



  • Thanks, I will try that driver for the smart card. I already have the ethernet and wireless working, could it be the bluetooth? Strange that i wasnt able to find these drivers. Your help is appreciated.
  • Tried the driver and that was a no go. The Ricoh is for the SD card reader not the smart card reader. Thanks anyways. Oh, and yes I installed the system software and the chipset drivers. I installed all of the drivers available in the download section and in the proper order.


    If it helps, the hardware ID of the Broadcom USH device as shown in device manager is USB\Vid_0a5c&Pid_5800&Rev_0101&MI_00, the smart card is the same.


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  • I'm also searching for Broadcom USH driver on the E6400. I'm liking the E series except for the cheap paint that is already chipping off on the sides :(
  • Not all of the drivers show up on the site nor are they on the resource CD.


    The USH/ Credential Vault Device is one of 'em.


    The SOL LOM and one other I need to double check.


    Applies to Vista and XP


    No answer from Dell yet on this.


  • I had the same problem, finally today I found the driver, it is  R194881 located under Applications\Dell-Driver.  After I ran the setup the system recognized the driver and it was called "Broadcom USH CV w/o Fingerprint Sensor" under Credencial Vault Device. I hope it can help you.
  • That was it, thanks :)


  • Worked for me as well, thanks a bunch :)
  • The smart card drivers are available via Windows Update....


    Download link for Dell Security Device Driver Installation Package for 32 Bit Operating Systems

    Dell ControlPoint Security Manager, v.1.00.23, A02


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  • Does this card reader accept Memory stick cards?
  • no just SD cards
  • Well,


    i have the same issue discribed as in the start post.

    After downloading the file and trying to install it.
    it complains during setup, that my system is not supported.


    I have a E6500 + Windows 32bit XP SP3 Pro.


    Who can help me out?


     Note: i just tried it again. but it just doesnt work. How ... do i get this driver installed!

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  • i was just being a fool for not trying out the vista drivers.
    Well at least they worked. One device got installed. the otherone
    has changed from icon :)


    at least somthing. Dell support is figuring out what driver is used in the XP image.
    So lets wait on their answer.

    ill keep you informed.

  • Having same issue as well on E6400.  Cannot use the Smart Card reader using a known good smart card.


    Installed the R194881, no go.  According to my research, I'm suppose to install the Ricoh R5C8xx Cardbus Controler, but that doesn't work either.  My organization doesn't allow vendor supplied security certificates, so I don't have the Manager Application installed.  Also, if I attach an external Smart Card reader then I can use the internal reader just fine.


    Do I need to have the Manager App installed to use the reader?


    Also, why would it all of a sudden work if I attach an external Smart Card reader?