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Latitude E6500 and Integrated Webcam


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Latitude E6500 and Integrated Webcam

  • I just received a new Latitude E6500 with the integrated webcam. It has the Dell Webcam Central software installed. The integrated webcam is recognized in Device Manager.

    I am finding no documentation on how to operate the webcam. How do you turn it on? I see in the Webcam Central how to adjust the picture but I can't find a way to start the camera.

  • Hi ..... in Dell Webcam Central software in the Latitude E series there are only settings for webcam and no exist the previous from cam, the cam work with Skype pr MSN messenger, if do you have problem with blue screen in Vista with Skype can you download the creative driver compatible for vista.

    bye ciao ;)

  • I also have a new E6500 and I think it has a web cam, but it is not showing up in device manager.  Is the cam the little glass square to the left of the silver DELL logo?  I downloaded DellWebcamSW.exe and just want to confirm if it's just that I don't have device drivers for it installed or that is not a web cam.  TIA. 

  • That is the light sensor, not the web cam.  The webcam is mounted on the top of the panel.


  • Thanks!  What is the little hole up above the lcd panel, to the left of the hook lock? 

    I assuming that some of the E6500s come with web cams and some do not, and mine doesn't or else I'd at least have a yellow ? in device manager. 

    Thanks again...I appreciate the FAST reply and info.  Smile

  • The support manual shows the little dot is the microphone and there will be a bigger dot between it and the hook which would be the webcam if it was there, but it is optional.  My laptop has the microphone but not the webcam.


  • on accessories the webcam /bluetooth for my computer does not appear and i need to use them assist how i may go about putting the in use

  • you mean the glass

  • you mean what i was thinking that they are cameras there not 1.the square left to the silver dell log and the left hole at the top of the lcd