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Wiped my computer & now I'm stuck!!!!


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Wiped my computer & now I'm stuck!!!!

  • Ok I didn't wipe my computer, a friend of mine did who said she knew what she was doing. Supposedly my laptop, which is a Latitude D610, had a virus & she said that I just needed to wipe the whole thing & start over. Well she wiped it, but that's as far as she got. She then had to go home & hasn't "had time" since to come back over & put everything back on it. Where do I go from here. When I turn my laptop on now it will power up then the DELL screen will come up then the windows xp screen will come up then it will go to a screen that says Checking file system on C: The type of file system is FAT32. etc, etc, when it has finished checking it says File and folder verification is complete. windows has checked the file system & found no problems. it then tells total disk space, hidden files, folders, files, etc. Then it doesn't do anything after that. The computer won't do anything from there......
  • Just tell your friend to get back to fixing your laptop. From what you've described, it still works... sort of.

    Don't worry, it's not broken. At the very worst, you'll have to format the hard drive and reinstall the OS (hope you backed up).

    And tell your friend to loose the FAT32 formatting and stick to NTFS (it may be slower to format, but it will save you a lot of headaches).


    PS: Don't think i'm making fun of you, it's just that if you didn't figure out how to get it to work again on your own, you're better of leaving that to someone who's spent more time with this. It's a lot to write about in a forum post & it's no good since i don't know exactly what happened to your computer. That's why it's best if you just call your friend and tell him to come fix your PC ;).

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  • Are all your files backed up if so. Tell us your Dell Model and I will give you instructions for full reformat.

    Philip Yip


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  • My computer is a Dell D610 thank u so much for ur help. sorry it's taking so long to get back w/u it's just that I'm so frustrated w/it that I really haven't been in a big hurry to get it fixed.
  • Hey Taria


    You don't sound certain of what your friend has done, so I would start from scratch.

    I assume since your friend wiped the computer so you have no data to back up.

    I assume you have a Dell XP Disc, does it say if it has service pack 1 or 2 on it?


    Must do a clean install from BIOs though, insert disc press F12 at the dell BIOs Screen (simular to below):



    Need to select partition C: or the largest partition there. Then press enter. (Similar to screen below)

    Note if you have a few smaller partitons leave them alone.


    A screen like below will then show:




    Select Format using the NTFS file system.


    Then just follow the set-up it will ask you a few questions such as regional settings, keyboard settings and your name.


    Next you will need to configure your drivers and updates, download the following and save them on a usb flash stick external harddrive dvd or cd. External harddrive or flashstick will be better.


    You may need another computer to download them. Note you may have a driver disc that came with the computer but it is generally best to download newer revisions of the drivers from the Dell Website.


    1. Download and install the latest Service Pack.

    If your disc does not include service pack 1 or service pack 2. Download the standalone version of service pack 2 and then service Pack 3. If it has Service Pack 1 or 2 on it then just download service pack 3.

    Service Pack 2

    Service Pack 3


    2. Download and install the drivers from the Dell Website in the following order:



    Screen similar to this:




    Add your service tag in for more specific drivers for your system. (Do not post service tag here on the forum) 7 digit code at base of laptop. The files are easy to install just double click, then click next a few times and then finish. Note do not need to restart after each one is installed. I just do a restart after all the drivers are installed. Download and install in the order below.


    2.1 Under the heading System Utilities is Dell Notebook system software.


    2.2 Under the Chipset heading is all the Chipset drivers download all 3 and instal intel one forst (note if you have your service tag set, you may not all 3 but I think you will)


    2.3 Video (again if you have your service tag set it will tell you the specific one if not download and install all three in trial and error two will fail to install and one will work)


    2.4 Under Communications install the Conexant Drivers (again if service tag set the ones applicable for your system should only show up)


    2.5 Under Network install Broadcom 57xx or 570x drivers (again if you have service tag set it will tell you which ones otherwise its trial and error the ones compatible will install the others will fail)


    2.6 Under Network install either Intel PROSET Wireless or Dell Wireless & Bluetooth if you have (again service tag...)


    2.7 Under Input Device Drivers install the Alps Driver and any others you have applicable


    2.8 Under Audio install the Sigmatel Driver


    2.9 Under Applications install Quickset


    I wouldn't install any other drivers, especially firmware drivers. If you feel you need some of the rest then install them.


    3.1 Install Adobe Reader 7.1


    3.2 Install PDF Creator


    4.1 Install Klite Codec Pack Set associations for Windows Media Player (Don't install classic player)


    4.2 If you want XP MCE or Black Colour schemes download here


    4.3 If you don't have microsoft office then install and try open office


    Ok so download and install in order all mentioned above (3.2 - 4.3 optional but useful.)

    After thats done if you are connecting to the internet you will need to get your security software installed.

    You can go to windows update and download internet explorer 7 and windows media player 11 if you wish.

    Then install any software you use and have on disc such as microsoft office.


    If you need any more help just ask. It appears alot of work the way I have wrote it but is actual very easy, just a little time consuming.

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    Philip Yip


    Windows Reinstallation Guide and Related Wikies See here for other wikies such as Customising and Using Windows 8.1, Dell Wireless Cards and Unofficial Drivers.

  • Thank u so much for ur help.  Your instructions were the easiest instructions I've ever got to deal with.  The way u explained everything (& w/the pictures) there was NO possible way 4 me to not understand or to mess it up.  So far so good it's working.  Right now it's formatting the partition & is on 40% so hopefully this works for me.  Once again, Thank You So Much!!!

  • Your very welcome, let me know how it goes.
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    Philip Yip


    Windows Reinstallation Guide and Related Wikies See here for other wikies such as Customising and Using Windows 8.1, Dell Wireless Cards and Unofficial Drivers.

  • Once again, thank you so very much.  All went well, ok not all but most of it went really well.  I got it up & running again, the drivers & utilities installed, etc. but then I went to install my internet w/the internet cd that I have & during the setup a window came up & said the following--

    --An operational modem could not be found.  Either the modem is in use or it is not operational.  Please reboot your computer & try again.

    Could u please help me with this??


    Thank you!!!




  • I believe thats the conexant modem or broadcom ethernet.


    Can you open up device manager?


    Right click my computer on the start menu and go to properties.

    Then select the hardware tab and go to device manager.


    For example here:



    First check there are no errors marked with yellow warnings.


    If there right click to try and correct them.



    First try update driver if that fails, then disable then enable it again. If that fails go to uninstall and then reboot. And add new hardware wizard should show. Do the same for Broadcom under Network Adaptors.


    In your case it should be a conexant modem opposed to generic soft56. Make sure you have the Driver Utility & Diagnostics Utility installed.


    Ok then reboot and try again if that still fails open the control panel on the start menu:



    And go to network and internet connections



    Go to network Connections



    Right click your LAN Connection and go to disable and then enable.


    If you have just installed one then don't worry about this unless you have a error in device manager but make sure you have driver, application and diagnostics utility installed and not just the driver, they all on drivers and download page.


    Also on the start menu > all programs > broadcom there is a broadcom advanced control suite.


    You may find some settings in there to help. Also if you were unsure if you had the 57xx or 570x and installed both, one may be conflicting with the other.


    If you have tried all that and it still does not work then I suggest you make a new message Network Discussion Board where someone may be able to help you better.

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    Philip Yip


    Windows Reinstallation Guide and Related Wikies See here for other wikies such as Customising and Using Windows 8.1, Dell Wireless Cards and Unofficial Drivers.

  • hello my daughter has a dell latitude d610 and she tried to cutt it on and then she got a screen said  windows could not start because the folling file is missing or corrupt: /windows/systems32/conf/system.

    then it saids you can attempt  to repair this file by starting windows setup using the oringinal set up cd-rom

    select r at the first screen to start repair'


    So what do i do and how do i fix it