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D630 - Strange clicking/beep noise from time to time

  • From time to time (let's say once a day) my D630 is making strange beep/click noise (it's hardly to describe 100% accurately).
    Is this normal? Or should I take that as an indicaction of some upcoming hardware problem?

    c2d 2ghz, nvidia quaddro, 4gb ram.
  • Strange beeping/clicking noises coming from the inside of your computer are not normal. Does it happens when you are doing something specific or when the hard drive is thinking a lot?

  • I can say that rather not when I am doing something specific. It happens from time to time.

    It is not HDD, it's more like a "beep" rather than mechanical click sound. I heard that it can be c onnected to the GPU issue?
    Are ~50st C (GPU) when system is idle and in docking station and up to 85-86st C when I am playing Half-Life2 normal temps or rather high? I have bios A12.