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Studio - Jammed Touch Sensitive Eject Button

  • Padam

    Return it before it's TOO LATE!!

    I too have had a similar experience.  2 NEW laptops replaced the hinge cover myself on the first one.  The eject light stayed lit on both with exception of the original laptop the volume up and eject button stayed lit.  Second one I just had the hinge cover replaced Monday by a tech.  Everything was good for 1.5 days.  Today started it up this morning and evening both cold boots and no light but none of the media buttons work.  They did finally start working after about 15 minutes.

    Looks like Dell has figured out how to get the light to not stay on and hope we don't try to use the media button right after initial cold boot.

  • I have tried all of the suggested fixes on these forums and none of them fixes the core problem of the eject button jamming on. I did have a go of the russian guy's fix of disabling the volume & eject buttons by taping over the cable contacts - this does work but ofcourse you can no longer use the buttons and it's a lot of hassle. My feeling is that the best solution is to completely dissconnect the media panel cable until such time as dell discovers what the real issue is. Leaving it connected puts your DVD drive at risk of being damaged by the constant eject triggering.

  • Similar story, got my laptop in Jan. Same issues. Tried many things that did little or nothing (Tech Support, Part replacement, Virgin Sacrifice, Etc). At last my fustration led me to just disconnect the ribbon cable from the media control panel and deactivate the keys. Its been working great since then. Not one unintentional eject. I don't miss the keys. I bought the dell travel remote for movie watching and use Fn-F10 to eject. If one day they find a fix, I may reconnect it but i doubt it.  It also keeps my laptop cleaner. (Less fingerprints)

    Good Luck to all



    p.s funny thing is that my laptop works faster than before. I wonder if keys were bogging it down.

  • Follow-up on my 2 Studio 15s with the media panel problem.

    The first one had the media panel replaced by a service technician (I could have done it myself but I paid for the service so they might as well come and do it).  He replaced both the media panel and the cable.  No problems since then.

    The second laptop was completely replaced at my request with a brand new laptop.  No problems with the new one so far.  Note that the new laptop was "made" in Malaysia whereas the 2 that had problems from the outset were "made" in China... not sure if the problem might have something to do with the components of the assembly.


  • This may have been a fluke, but my eject button started doing the same (have had my Studio 15 for one week).  When it went off, about five minutes or so after booting up, I went into Media Direct and ran through the setup options.  Turns out there was an update, so I downloaded that, rebooted, and everything looks ok.  Give it a try...Couldn't hurt, and it might help!

  • I updated the software as you did for Media Direct, it fixed it for a day or so and it came back.

    My advice, Call Dell and IMMEDIATELY ask for a refund! Do not accept anything else. No new motherboards (I'm on my third), nor a new PC (second one is just as bad and they sent the wrong color).

    If you keep your PC, you were warned. They will wait until your 21 day refund period is over and then they "GOTCHA".

    They promised me at 16 days that a new PC would fix it. When that didn't work and we asked for our money back, they just said "oh sorry, you're over your 21 days". Yeah, after they swore the new PC would fix it!



  • Hello Sog,

    I am also the victim of the dell's uber studio 15 designed by a 5th it possible that u could provide sequential pictures of how u solved the hardware problem....or it would be even more awesome that u could make a small video of u doing it.

  • This thread completey describes my experience so far...


    I just receieved the Studio 1537 as a replacement PC for my Vostro (about 2 weeks ago)...  Upon receiving it, I noticed this EJECT button issue.


    Tech support told me it was a known issue, and are sending me a replacement hindge cover.  We'll see if it works, I may tape up the ribbon cable too, while I'm in there.

  • Hello,

    I am new to this forum, but am familiar with the randomly ejecting cd/dvd drive issue since I bought my Studio 15 in December 2008.  So far my laptop has been replaced once, a fourth technician will be arriving soon to replace drive and touch panels again (and missing upgrade parts I discovered missing from my replacement laptop sent in March- bluetooth and intel wireless), and I have spent countless hours on the phone with numerous Dell techs updating drivers, bios, software, etc.  I am amazed that running your laptop without the battery is an acceptable solution.  Who was this 'verified' by?

    I demanded compensation or replacement value, but they refuse to do anything other than throw more parts and time (mine) at the problem.  Has anyone been successful in a compensation agreement?   A real slap in the face from Dell was the suggestion that I should purchase an extended warranty.  Since Dell has so far been unable to resolve the issue, their warranty is meaningless.  I have requested repeatedly what happens when my existing warranty is over and this issue is still unresolved; what happens to me as the consumer with a faulty/defective piece of equipment?  No one at Dell is willing to guarranty me; however, I was 'lucky' to notice my upgrade parts in my replacement were missing within my warranty period, otherwise it would have been ignored.  There should be a lemon law for this. 

    I was faced with needing to replace a desktop pc last night.  Six months ago, I looked forward to another Dell, now I could not even consider them due to this miserable experience.  Reading the posts here, I am sorry, but selfishly pleased to learn I am not the only one with this issue.  I am utterly amazed to read in these posts that Dell is deleting posts which express disapproval with their service and products.  They have a reponsibility to their existing customers for compensation and their future customersd by eliminating known defective equipment from their product line.  They have probably spent far more cash in their efforts to fix my studio than they orginally earned on the sale.

    My issue has gone unresolved for over five months; and I have zero confidence in this company who has refused to earn it.  Anyone else ever going to purchase another Dell?



  • My post was removed, here it is without some parts:

    Bryan I can't agree with you more.


    Before I received my replacement Studio (that has the eject key problem, of course), I had a Vostro.  It took me 2 months to get my replacement PC - computerless during that time.  Any hour on the phone EVERY DAY, sometimes more.  They also charged me $400 for this, don't ask me why I paid it, I regret it every day.  I've filed a few BBB complaints, and never receieved a response.


    When my studio first came, the battery was HISSING, and the PSU brick was CLICKING... crazy right???  Not with dell.  I will never buy one again.  What will I do when this new hinge cover doesn't fix the eject key problem? 

  • Kaleban,

    Do I understand from you that the tape or shielding of the ribbon one user suggested did not work in your experience?  I was looking forward to trying that when their next tech called and could dismantle my Studio.  Its amusing that I already have a nodding aquantaince with the interior of the Studio while observing from my 3 previous tech visits (that happens to be one of the reasons I noticed missing parts from my replacemet Studio Dell sent me after the last tech).   I would never personally, crack the seal and look inside a notebook (especially since it is a known warranty voider), although Dell confidently suggested I replace my own missing parts if they mailed them to me.  Very accomodating of Dell.

    Kalebank, why cancel the tech?  Waste as much of Dell's time and money as you can afford has become my motto as long as this drive ejecting nonsense persists to me.  It is within your rights and your warranty to explore these possibilities.

    To others, with regard to Dell's post censorship that several have already replied to me, I assume that certain improper language or suggestions of court applications is removeable; however, the lamentable fact is that Dell is wasting resources removing posts with no regard to applying those energies and resources to resolving this problem!

    Best of luck to all.



  • Nope, the shielding didn't work. Moving the ribbon didn't work. Personally I think it is a power management issue and the hinge cover doens't mesh well with the motherboard. As for "Cracking the seal" on the laptop, there is none.  There are 2 screws under the battery and the the hinge cover snaps off.

    Also, I really wasn't too concerned with wasting dell's time, but rather wasting mine. There is definately an issue and it way get fixed one day, but I don't have the time dink with it. The ribbon is gone and I haven't had a problem since. I recommend removing it to anyone who are outside the return policy and don't want to deal with repairs. Fn-10 ejects the cd drive and I bought the dell travel remote to control the volume and cd controls if I am watching a movie or something. The control on the hinge cover are not that essential and the function are availible elsewhere in the computer.

    If your quest is more of a personal slight on behalf of dell, then by all means carry on. I have better things to do with my time.


    Good Luck.


    Douglas Redman

  • I was able to get a Studio instead of a Vostro for a few reasons:


    1. It took them a month longer than it was supposed to, to get me a replacement.

    2. The vostro line wasn't able to reach the same power as my broken laptop (couldn't match the CPU or screen res.).

    3. I called a hundred million times, usually calls lasted an hour.  EVERY time the tech vowed to "own this issue."  Of course, I never got my promised calls back, and I never spoke to any of the same people twice in my month and a half experience.

    4. Eventually, I was copmletely fed up, and had enough cell minutes left.  I told the tech I would NOT hang up until I saw a solution I was satisfied with.  The only way to actually get a replacement or any outcome of substance is to CALL (NOT CHAT), tell them to talk internally with the resolutions department, and stay on the line while you work things out.  They chat with the resolutions department, and the tech wrote down everything I told him to.  Several times he came back saying "ok we have a vostro XXXX for you now, but the can't match this feature."  I told him "not acceptable, try again." until they finally asked me what I had in mind.  I told them a studio was of similar price, and could match my specs, so they made that one and I got it a week later. 

    Unlucky for me, the Studio has what I suspect to be power issues as well (as others have said).  I have an MS in electrical engineering - granted I don't work on laptop PCB layouts, but I can sense power problems when I see them. 

    Like I said, I will never buy a dell again.  If anyone cares to read my entire horrible Vostro experience as well, spend an hour at this thread:

  • nfc5382, I

    (Sorry your previous post was deleted).  I wholeheartedly agree. It seems accepting the faults of our defective purchase's is the easiest solution. Unfortunately, $1600 is not a drop-in-the-bucket to most. I spent over 90 minutes on tech chat this past Tues night (10 to 11:30PM Eastern) with a supervisor who vowed to 'own the problem' and I never heard from him, so I spent over two hours on tech support with a supervisor on my family-Saturday morning this past weekend (I killed the battery in two wireless phones in my home) trying to hold Dell responsible and demand a resolution. I shudder at the prospect of another call to them; after so many wasted hours of their attempts at software and hardware replacements in my personal experience, it is an unmitigated disaster. I run my own business and if any of my customers spent more time trying to resolve problems with my products than they did enjoying them, I would be utterly ashamed and out of business, so they must be something right. My best advice, if you feel the strength to make one more call, to Dell keep requesting the supervisor of anyone you are talking to, keep names, contact numbers, and if you ever get a resolution, please, please, please put me in touch with that individual! Best of luck to us all.



  • Everyone,

    So far this is working for me and appears to be a legitimate fix- I want to see if it helps/works for anyone else:

    Click or copy/paste this to download the new dell firmware for the "control panel thingy":

    Instructions (provided by dell support and tested):



    Media Control Buttons Disfunction on Dell Studio 1535/1536/1537


    Media control buttons on Dell Studio 1535/1536/1537 systems may report intermittent disfunction issues.

    The typical failures may include:
    1. Media control buttons automatically light on.
    2. Optical disk automatically ejected.
    3. Some media control buttons have no response.


    Update firmware for system hinge cover.

    Create a bootable CD:

    NOTE: Please make sure you have CD imaging software installed in your system, which can create a bootable CD based on ISO image format.

    1. Download the firmware installation file FM7_X0D.ISO, and save it in your system.
    2. Run the CD imaging software to create a bootable CD based on this FM7_X0D.ISO file.

    Take Roxio Creator as an example for the procedure.

    1. Insert a blank writable CD in your system.
    2. Open Roxio Creator.
    3. Click File menu.
    4. Go to New Project / Copy / Burn Disc Image to Disc.
    5. Click Browse.
    6. Add this FM7_X0D.ISO file from the location you saved.
    7. Click button to continue, till complete the CD creation.

    Flash firmware:

    NOTE: Please make sure A/C power is being used while updating the firmware.

    1. Insert this CD in your system.
    2. Reboot the system, and enter one-time boot menu by pressing F12.
    3. Boot from the CD drive.
    4. The CD will autorun and update the firmware.
    5. Once completed, screen will show pass and Flash Successful.
    6. Shut down the system.
    7. Remove A/C power cable and battery.
    8. Replug in A/C power cable and battery to continue normal operation.

    NOTE: Please make sure to remove A/C power and battery once firmware update completed.