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Inspiron 1501 Battery Not Recognized by system (Tried other solutions nothing is working)


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Inspiron 1501 Battery Not Recognized by system (Tried other solutions nothing is working)

  • Alright I am a long time user of Dell products, and have in the past had problems with them, but they have been easily fixable by either replacement parts or a quick look at a FAQ or messageboard for Info.


    So just as the Subject Line says, My INSPIRON 1501 is not recognizing my battery.  The battery is fine (checked it in my brothers computer), and I have checked other people's posts with the same problem and tried the fixes but nothing worked.  I have tried to do the BIOS update (A16) that worked probperly but did not fix the problem.


    So I will detail the problem out here:


    While watching a movie I got a message telling me that my battery is not recognized.  The battery is stuck at a 97% charge (or so the computer says) and the battery light is not light up (it flashes on sporadically but not consistant at all).  The BIOS did fix the message at startup saying the battery isn't recognized but still if I remove the AC power cord or unplug the computer it powers right down and will not start-up unless plugged in. 


    I don't think I forgot anything but if you need more info please just ask.


    Oh not surprisingly my warrenty expired about a month ago so I am without that.  Funny how things like this always seems to happen like that, oh well. 


    Please HELP.

  • Try your brother's adapter.  If it works, replace your adapter.  If it doesn't, you've got a faulty system board.


  • My adapter works fine.  It is just my battery that is the problem. 

    When my adapter is plugged in the computer works fine (like right now) but if it becomes unplugged it shuts down completely.

  • If the adapter is OK and the battery checks out in another system, the only thing left is that the system board is faulty.  This is an expensive part to replace - figure on $300+, plus labor if you don't install it yourself.


  • Is there any other way to check to see if it is a faulty SYSTEM BOARD?  Or are there any other reasons this could be happening?


    I am not trying to sound doubtful of your explanation do not take my questions that way please.  It's just that I am not too eager to have to pay $300+ on a new part (which is about half of what I paid for the darn system).

  • If you know the battery is OK, and the adapter is fine - the only other part that could be faulty is the main system board.


    If you've swapped your adapter and battery into another system and they work fine, your mainboard needs to be replaced.


  • Well all of a sudden my system can see the battery, the battery light is on for the system and everything seems to work fine there.  But (there is always a but) the battery is now at 0% and will not charge at all. 


    Now I am wondering if it is still a problem with the system or a problem with the battery?  How does a battery run itself out while plugged into an outlet, or a battery have a 0% charge rate after only a year plus a month?  To me that doesn't make any sense at all. 

  • Does the battery work in the other system?  If not, replace it.  If it does, see the thread above.


  • I just started having the same problem myself yesterday with the same message.....

    In my case, the battery seems to charge up fine despite the message and when I unplug the power, the computer continues to function properly....

    What was the final outcome of your problem ??



  • Is it possible to remove the battery and plug the power cord in and the laptop will still turn on?

    I'm having a similar problem, it just started yesterday. While trying to fix the blue screen of death that happens whenever the wireless network adapter is turned on... now my battery will not charge.

    I plug in the power cord and nothing happens. It doesn't acknowledge that it's plugged in at all.

    I checked the end of the cable with a multi-meter and the output is exactly normal.

  • I can't answer your question but here is an update on my situation....

    After reading many, many posts on the forum, I decided to try flashing the bios with the latest version....

    That seems to have cured my problem.  I no longer get the message about the battery not being connected and everything else seems to be working OK.....

    Time will tell......  I'll report back if anything changes....

  • How do you "flash the bios with the latest version?  I am having the same problem but have absolutely no idea what a bios is or how to flash it.

  • Try following information from this link:'s-BIOS