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Apoint.exe (touchpad) Inspiron 1720


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Apoint.exe (touchpad) Inspiron 1720

  • Recently I got an error saying that Apoint.exe cannot find lanucher.dll (that's right with this weird spelling). The support that i got just stopped this from starting when the computer starts up. However, even when I manually go to the Apoint.exe and double click it, I get the msg box with the dll not found error. Anyone ever have this and know how to fix it? Seems like some spyware but the tech person from support from Dell did not find it.


    Another alternative is to get a restore point and go back -- reasonable?


    Last thing I did was to try the malicious software beta for vista from Microsoft -- this is the guilty partner?


    Also, how good is Mcaffe? I have been using AVG and Zone alarm for years and they are fine. Is Mcaffe as good (I was perhaps attached with spyware, so this IS relevant). If anyone can shed some light on what this error is about and how to "really" fix the situation and not just cosmetically fix it, I'd be most appreciative.


    Thanks, Jeff

  • in your position I would uninstall your present touchpad driver in control panel>programs and features and then reinstall it.

    you can download the driver from here before you start.

  • Does this install also "replace" the Apoint.exe and other stuff or only the dell touchpad thing?

    I think that the tech guy might have tried to do this when I spoke with him and it was really strange to me that still the Apoint.exe was complaining -- unless it is not installed with the driver.




  • I have the exact same problem and did the uninstall and reinstall of the driver.  Tech support just had me go to config and disable all the startups

    that was not a great solution either.

  • I found the soultion with help of a poster go to the registry delite ALPS! and install the new driver. The one problen was if you delete ALPS and install

    you get the same message. The fix was delete ALPS and not to reboot and then install th new driver? Yikes, but it did work, I wish you luck, no error yet!

    then do the reboot what did work for me!

  • your post is old, and with Dell etc., it is not a virus and with the help is down load  the driver save it to desk top got to registry as the other poster did

    say. delete alps as was stated. do not reboot but install the new driver then reboot.  this fix was real hard but did work. Just follow his instructions.