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Inspiron 1720 Plugged in but not charging


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Inspiron 1720 Plugged in but not charging

  • We have an Inspiron 1720 and down on the battery meter is says just like this (plugged in, but not charging). Can anyone explain why it won't charge. Is the power cord bad?
  • That would be the first suspect, followed by the battery.  If those aren't the problem, you have a mainboard issue.


  • I have an Inspiron E1505, and my original Battery went dead and wouldn't charge about 8 months ago and I just now got around to getting a new one, (Mainly just dealt with the fact that I had to use this like a desktop) now with my new battery installed, it says 35% on the Power status Icon thing, and on the back of the battery I get two green solid light for a good 4-5 seconds (was like that when i got it out of the box).  However, it will not charge.  The icon shows plugged in and chrging, but the power meter is not going up and down.  It sits at around 35% still.  When I remove the power cord, the computer shuts off as if no battery is installed.  I've dealt with this for so long, and finally got the battery and it won't work!! lol Please help!! (Btw..Power supply is original, but has been checked before and was ok)
  • If the power supply is OK and the battery is new (and OK), you have a faulty system board.


  • Dell is sending us a new Cord. So we shall see if that fixes it. Anyone sorry they bought a dell computer! LOL
  • I have an inspiron e1405 dell replaced the power cord twice, replaced the mother board, and replaced the battery. the last of the repairs finished after it was out of warrenty. It worked for about 2 weeks and now back to plugged in not charging. Occassionaly the battery will charge but it is rare. Not sure what the problem is maybe the mother board bad AGAIN who knows, sometimes it says some message about being the wrong power adapter when I boot up the computer but sometimes it doesnt.

    I have 2 dell laptops a dell e1705 never any problems (spent a pretty penny on that one)  and the e1405 which was the cheapest one they had, and I have had nothing but problems with it. Dell does not care they say it is out of warrenty. Since it was new we have had to use it as a desktop no mobility.

    I probably wont ever buy another dell, but if for some reason I decide to buy another I wont go for the cheap one, they  seem to have the most problems