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  • Hello everyone i am in some trouble this morning.


    this is my first post like this some im not to sure what information you need :S 


    I got back from a week vaction only to find my Inspiron E1705 boots to a gray screen.  After about 2 min the screen goes totally black as if it turns off however the computer itself stays on.  I have taken care of the computer, i didnt leave it on or drop it.  i dont understand how it would work fine one day and not even boot a few says later.  Any help would be amazing! 

  • when you boot your computer, does it show post? that is when it counts the ram, does hardware tests at first before it loads windows...can you see this... if not, could be your video card.


    if you can see that, try restoring your computer to the way it was from the factory.


    also...try booting into safe mode, pressing f8 during the boot process, if you can do this, try re-instaling your video card drivers.

  • when i turn on my computer it doesnt go to the BIOS screen or show anything loading or testing.  It goes right to a gray screen.  I have tried spamming the F8 button but nothing happens.  the only thing that i have done that has gotten a response from my computer was pressing the "FN" and power button to turn it on.  when i do this and wait it goes thru a series of beeps and colors on my screen.  I think this is supposed to be some sort of diagnostic but i have no idea what it means.  the sequence colors is a full black screen to red to green to blue.  after the colored screens there are 3 slow beeps followed by a pattern of 3 fast beeps.


    i am so lost ive never heard of this 

  • what is the beep code? how many beeps does it give you,, ,long and short beeps....
  • i figured it out


    my video chip is fried which ruined my mother board.  i took it into a pc repair place and they ran a diagnostic on it for me.  turns out that the inspiron E1705 has been having this problem A LOT.  The tech told me that him and one of his buddies had the same problem.  Furthermore, after speaking with one of my bros roommates i found that he too had to have dell replace the same parts after BLACK SMOKE COME POURING OUT OF HIS E1705.  


    i am very displeased with dell for the trouble and the money this will cost me.  My family and i have owned 3 or 4 computers from dell and as of recent this is what we have gotten from our loyalty to this company.  Good luck too all of you who own dell computers you will need it.