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Please Help, I've spilled coffee on my XPS1330


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Please Help, I've spilled coffee on my XPS1330

  • Yes I know stupid thing to do... but I immediately did a hard close on the machine and dried everything off and left it in a warm (37 degree) room over night to dry...

    This morning I took it out and tried to turn it on and to my surprise it did and all seemed okay for about 5mins then the screen froze and it required another hard close to tuen it off. Since then I have been unable to restart it. I call tech support and I am supposed to be getting a new motherboard.


    As my knowledge of such tings is limited is there a chance that this will fix it? Or I am going to have to recover my data from the hard drive and get a new machine.....


    All suggestions/ advise is welcome..


  • It depends on what was damaged.  If there's evidence that the coffee could have spilled inside the hard drive, then yes, you could lose everything on the drive.  If not, it should be OK.
  • Mostly likely you just fried the systemboad and possibly the keyboard.

    Depends on how large a spill it was.

    Coffee is extremly corrosive on ciruit boards.

    There was probably a small puddle left inside when you turned it on and it completed

    a circuit and fried a component.


    The tray of the key board is vented so any spills will drip into the machine on the back side

    of the system board. If its built like a M1530s that is.


    HD is way over under the left wrist rest area and sealed air tight.  All HDs are made that way

    to ensure a pure dust free environment to work properly and prevent corrosion of the disks.