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USB 2.0 ports on Inspiron 1520


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USB 2.0 ports on Inspiron 1520

  • Are all 4 ports (2 on back and 2 on side) USB 2.0?  When I plug in my external hard drive Windows Vista tells me I should plug it into a high speed port to improve performance.



  • All ports are 2.0.


    Make sure the drive is externally powered or that you use a dual USB cable or a powered hub.  A single USB port won't properly power the drive, which can produce that error message.


  • I'm not familiar with this particular model, but on many systems I have seen that the USB setup in the bios will default to Full Speed mode (1.1 compatible mode), rather than High Speed mode (2.0 Mode). This may also affect the connection speed.


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  • Thanks for the tips.   The external drive has it's own power but I am going through a USB 4 way unnpowered hub (Linksys).  Does the hub have any effect?


  • The hub must be a USB 2.0 model.