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Having Major Problems Staying Connected To Internet With Laptop! Please, Help!


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Having Major Problems Staying Connected To Internet With Laptop! Please, Help!

  • I bought my Mom a Laptop this past Christmas.  It is a Dell Inspiron 1501 with Vista Home Basic.  The computer works fine, but it WILL NOT stay connected to the Internet.  We have Dial-Up and I also have a Desktop that is connected and the Desktop stays connected to the Internet.  But, the Laptop usually disconnects after a few minutes.  Sometimes it will stay connected for an hour or two, but 95% of the time, it only stays connected for a few minutes.  I have contacted my ISP, however they don't offer Tech Support for Vista.  Would that have something to do with it?  Could it be possible that since they don't have support for Vista, that Vista is causing problems with the ISP?  I have also checked the modem and it says that it is working properly.  I also contacted Dell and downloaded the updates for the modem, but it doesn't seem like they were installed.  Can anyone help me with this problem? 

    Also, I have downloaded the updated drivers twice, but the date is still the date of the old ones.  It is like they aren't downloading.  Will uninstalling the existing ones and THEN downloading the updated ones make them install correctly?  Thanks in advance!
  • Dial up has a tendency to drop your connection at times,have you tried getting broadband.


    AOL broadband or something like that?...

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  • I think someware in the modem settings, is windows power saving  options settings were to save power the system will disconnect the modem also try setting your power options in the control panel to desktop. It might have something to do with your issue, Next would be a software or driver issue.. Last would be a hardware issue..
  • Unfortunately, we can't get Broadband or DSL in our area. Also, the desktop stays online with no problems. It is just the laptop that won't stay on. Thanks for all the help.
  • Ah the joys of 'softmodems'...


    In a nutshell, your 'modem' is more a passthrough card, with the actual data compression and error correction being run/ controlled by Windows. Yes, your modem is mostly virtual and at the mercy of Windows memory management... which is like leaving your 401K in the hands of a drunk sailor on leave.


    Kill any and all background apps. Shut down non required services. Switch to a very minimal Windows Classic desktop and folder setup. Check the Startup tab in MSCONFIG. Any chat programs that autostart, printer tray items, etc... remove from autostart.


    Bottom line, in order for a 'soft modem' (Yours is most likely a Connextent based on the Win RPI chipset) to make and hold a connection, you need a good chunk of system resources (RAM) free and available for it to emulate (pretend that it's a real modem).


    Other easier option which costs money is buy an external plug in 56K modem. It uses no system resources and as long as the phone line conitions are good, you get a rock solid connection.

  • Thanks for the reply. I have no idea what you just said. lol How do I switch it to a very minimal Windows Classic desktop and folder setup?
  • My Mom is still having problems with her Laptop. She has came across some more problems: She can't get FireFox to work correctly and has uninstalled and re-installed it, but it just keeps loading the page and doesn't get finished. Also, when she gets e-mails that are in notepad, some of them are unreadable. They just have mixed characters everywhere. I talked to someone from Dell a while back about the Laptop and told them I just wanted a new one, because it is under warranty until December of this year. However, they told me that it has to be within the first 21 days (I think) to be eligible for a refund. I have done everything they said, including downloading updates, etc., but NOTHING is working! Is there ANYTHING I can do? My Mom is having online classes and needs her Laptop working. If someone from Dell can't fix it, would they be required to replace it, even if we have had it longer than the 21 days? Please, if anyone can help, I would totally appreciate it. Thanks!