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Gift card?

  • I placed an order with my Gift Card and threw my gift card away; I though my gift card was useless. Then, suddenly my order was cancelled due to "can't authorize with gift card department".  I called Gift Card department to asking reissue my gift card. However, "they can't reissue, because they can't" according to one of management. They can't work with their system to reissue gift card? Does their system work together? My gift card was worth $200.00. I felt I've been robbed by Dell. I also recalled reading from They stated that Gift card can be reissue with 10 dollars fee. Did they change the policy? Does anyone have a same problem? Thanks,Jim 
  • I'm not really an expert on this as it seems a customer-care issue. But here's what I found out from Dell's site.



    Excerpt from Terms and Conditions is as follows:


    Lost or Stolen Cards

    9. You should safeguard the Card from unauthorized use. Except where required by applicable law, Cards cannot be redeemed for cash or replaced if lost or stolen, and only then after providing proof of purchase.

  • Hey, I just stumbled on this, when I searched for gift cards. I work for a company that manages and tracks gift cards, and this is tough situation. First, try explaining your situation to the customer service. Email them everyday until you get a response. If they can't help you, talk to their supervisor. Don't take no for answer. A no is one step closer to yes. Go from there. If it doesn't work, let these forums know what's going on. Once people understand about your situation, you can win them. They read these forums, and if you can cause enough ruckus they should honor your card. You did earn it, buy it, whatever. It's yours. Just be polite and courteous, and usually they will take care of you. I've heard the Dell customer service is pretty good, you just have to patient about it. I hope this helps. There is always way. Trust me. Rules are meant to be broken. Just as long it's legit. Keep it real. Good luck.
  • I, in fact, talked to the supervisor. They said "They can't do nothing, once is issue, it is done, can't go back and look...only know the last 4 digits numbers" I was like "????? You can't do any thing with your system that you created.."......I think after they get what they need from you ($$$), they don't care anymore....When I first ordered, they were really polite and nice............. I never order anything from Dell again. My company, in fact, is using Dell Computer...!!!......

  • I also told them "you system doesn't work, your order department and your gift card doesn't work. That is why my order is cancell"...They replied, "Oh, it is working perfectly".."So, why did my order cancel," I asked. "Technical problems," they replied... Before I could talk the supervisor in Gift Card Department.....I was transfered about 10 times.....I was on the phone for strainge 2 hours.........




  • Interesting. I'm going to help you. Hmm. This could be fun. Cool. How about this. We're going to get your 200 bucks back. First we need all the information. Anything you can get, emails, and whatever, try to get things in  writing. Then we're post it on the consuermist blog and see what we can get. If you can get the online community with you, you can get your 200 bucks. So far, I'm not clear with your story, so can you clarify for me, in the most concise way? Where are you at? I'm in california.  You can call the office tomorrow or email me at my first name Dude, it's not over, the more resistance the more they will bend. Trust me.
  • Did the carrier that the gift card came in have the expiration date printed on it?  Did it give just a month and year or did it also give a day?  Mine only gave a month/year.  In other words, how do you know your card expired on the 31st?

    I doubt you'll get a resolution from Dell.  It seems they are doing everything they possibly can to avoid redeeming these cards.  At some point, you'll probably be blamed for waiting until the last day of the month.  It's your fault.

    I recommend submitting a claim with the NAF, as outlined in the gift card terms and conditions.  It is relatively easy to do online, and costs $19 to file the claim.  Of course, more fees will follow as the process is carried out, which unfortunately takes about 4 months I've been told, but if the judgement is in your favor, you can seek to recover your fees from Dell (which should be around $100 I believe).  If the judgement is not in my favor, I will be pursuing a class action suit.  I will keep this forum updated on my progress for anyone interested.  This is a matter of principle and Dell needs to be held to their own terms and conditions...

  • Just a month and year, but I'm pretty sure the terms on the carrier explicitly said "the last day of the month indicated" was the last valid day to use the card.  I'll check when I get home from work.

    I doubt I'll get resolution either.  Too bad, because I have purchased several systems from them in the past year.  I will be going to HP for future purchases.  It would be one thing if we were trying to use expired cards, but that is clearly not the case.

    I have already been blamed - they said "you should have used your card on the 30th instead of waiting till the last minute" but I never read that in the T&Cs...

    I'll continue to call and email until I get an acceptable response.  If that does not come I will submit a claim with the NAF.  This level of customer service is unacceptable.

  • My carrier said nothing about "the last day of the month indicated."  It also says nothing about an activation date, or the fact that the card is valid for one year from the activation date.  It also says nothing about that in the T&C.  Nowhere on the carrier or in the T&C does it say anything about calling to determine the exact expiration date.  All it says on the carrier is: "For available funds, please call 1-800-242-5353."

    Yet when talking to support, I was talked down at as though I was supposed to know that the card was valid for one year from the activation date, or that I could have called the 800 number to check the activation date.  I would say that argument is valid *IF* the carrier had NO INDICATION of expiration date.  If it said, "please call this number promptly to verify your expiration date," then that argument would be fine.  But the CARRIER GIVES AN EXPIRATION DATE and the T&C refer you to THAT VERY DATE!!!  This is just criminal.  Period.

    It goes without saying that Dell is losing customers over this.  The most ironic thing is that I was going to use that card to make a much larger purchase from Dell, so they are losing an immediate sale in addition to a future repeat customer.  That's great business sense huh?

    Just for kicks, I tried calling customer care one final time.  I actually got through to a manager immediately.  He already knew what my issue was and that I had called before and spoken to a manager.  He said the same thing again.  It's like they're just reading from a script that tells them what to say for a particular issue.  He made two interesting comments this time though.  The first was that he fields many calls regarding this exact issue, and that he documents these cases for internal review and feedback so that Dell can analyze its business processes (good to know for a class action).  Apparently they haven't acted on this one yet, because it seems the solution is just as simple as PRINTING THE DAY of expiration on the carrier.  The other thing he said was that because these gift cards are "promotional," they really don't have any processes governing how to handle these types of situations, implying that they are not important because they are promotional "gifts."  However, and this is me talking now, these "promotional" gift cards are very much a part of the terms of the initial purchase that included them.  I very well may not have made the initial purchase if a $200 promotional gift card was not part of the deal...  Oh, BTW, I was also reminded AGAIN that I should not have waited until the last day to use the card!  How insulting!  Imagine if your bank wouldn't cash a check that is void in 60 days on the 58th or 59th day!  Where exactly do we draw that line now, please, Dell?  If only I had known how shady Dell was with these cards...

    The bottom line is that what Dell is doing with these cards is ILLEGAL.  It's way beyond horrible customer support or horrible treatment of their customers.  All the sneaky ways they have to get out of redeeming them, whether it's a hidden expiration date, or a glitched system that processes them, or a delay in processing as in your case are ILLEGAL.  There are written T&C here that are not being adhered to.  They are voiding their own contract with you!  And someone needs to take action against them representing all of the consumers who have been robbed of money this way.  I am looking forward to leading that charge.  I am not going away, Dell!

  • They deleted my post!  They said it was because I violated the T&Cs!!!!!!!!  LOL!!  I took the names of the representatives out and asked if it was acceptable to re-post.  It looks like they may have taken your 1st post out too...  This is unbelievable.

  • TO ALL:




  • Dell will delete posts that violate the Terms of Service you agreed to when you joined these forums, not for any other reason.


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  • hrova,

    I see you have made several posts in the Dell forums.  May I ask if you are a Dell employee?  I hope you understand our frustration.  The terms clearly state that the card is valid on the date that we used it, and Dell is refusing to honor them.

  • I am not a Dell employee.

    The card says it EXPIRES on the last day of the month. We agree to that. What time on that day is not stated.

    As customary practice is that it expires at the end of that day, I do understand your frustration and wish you well. But, it seems Dell is aware of this discrepency and is sticking to the belief that it DID expire on the last day of the month, so it should have been used the day prior, or at least early in the day of expiration.

    Don't take that as me supporting the policy, but it seems like that is what is happening....

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  • That is an interesting perspective.  I, personally, have always been under the impression that the "expiration date" is the final day that the promotional item (coupon or other) can be used.  I have never been denied with the explanation "sorry, but that coupon expires today, you cannot use it" - maybe you have been involved in such a case?

    Actually, Dell is not taking the stance that the card expired sometime on the 31st.  My order was confirmed and the amount was removed from my total purchase price.  The problem was that Dell did not process the transaction until the 2/1, which was after the expiration of the gift card.  This was explained to me by the Gift Card department right before they claimed there was nothing they could do.