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Inspiron 1525 noisy fan


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Inspiron 1525 noisy fan

  • I have Inspiron 1525 with XP and Vista installed on it. Everything is fine except one annoying thing. I have SpeedStep enabled in Bios and Powersaver plan in Vista and Portable scheme in XP, but in spite of it fan work aprox. every 5 minutes for 1-2 minutes, even if processor load is 1 or 2 %. How can I fix it?
  • No matter what your power settings and usage are, it gets pretty toasty inside a laptop. This sounds pretty normal to me although I'm not experienced with your particular system.


    You may want to try this application: Please note the precautions and proceed accordingly. This is not a Dell-approved application.


    Note also that your system is not listed as compatible but that's possibly because nobody has tried it on one yet. There's little risk if you simply run the application and don't switch out of observer mode (wherein you actually take over control of your own thermal management.)


    If you run in observer mode only, and the app works on your system, you'll find it quite informative to track the temperature of your CPU and watch the system control the fan. After a while you'll probably get comfortable with the fact that the fan(s) have to operate as they do, and for that alone it's probably worth trying out the program.


    Footnote: my C840 has two fans in a single assembly. They were already replaced once under warranty, and one of the new ones has already developed the same problem as the original - occasional abnormal racket (vibration). The machine is off warranty now, so I'm not that keen to buy and install a new set of fans since (a) I'm not impressed with their lifetime and (b) I watched the guy install these things and they're practically the first item that goes into the case before everything else does!


    Now when one of them starts to buzz and it annoys me, I take over control with this little application and kick the fan into high speed, or turn it off, just for a second or two. The vibration stops, then I restore the fan to its original speed and switch back into observer mode. Pretty neat.


    Good luck.


  • Dear Dimkabraz,


    Actually the same problem in my case. I was trying to figure out the problem and to me it seems it is in Speedstep, which is not working in Vista. 


    I am waiting for Ubuntu 8.04 release to install on fresh Inspiron 1525 (T7250), but I tried beta livecd and the CPU scaling applet showed that normally CPU runs at 800 Mhz.


    Then I checked this value when I am in Vista. Even in Power saving mode the CPU worked at 2 Ghz (used CPUZ and i8kfanGUI to check the speed).


    I also installed A11 bios update, but it didn't help. 


    Anyone have a hint what to do with that?



  • I have the same problem. the fan starts every min or so .. even when the CPU temp is at 40/45 and the speedstep in action (I checked with Intel TAT).

    I had my inspiron replaced, thinking it was a problem with the probes, but the new one has the same issue.

    I think it might be something misprogrammed in the bios.. Can someone from Dell check this out please ?



    To be clear, I have tried with A11 or A09 as bios = same problem

    I have tried under : Vista, XP and Ubuntu = same problem


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  • How can this be possible on such a new laptop as 1525? Are they not testing this before they send it to shops? It's so noisy that I'm considering to cancel the purchase and buy a different brand. I've also sent 2 E-Mails to Dell Support now, and they did not have any good solutions for me. I know that new laptops get warm and need to be cooled down, but this? I never before experienced anything like this on laptops. My Inspiron 8600 is VERY silent compared to this one.


    I remembered I used a program to control the fan on a desktop I built years ago though, but I could not find any for my Dell.


    What to do??? Argh!

  • Well, the only thing that really helped me is cooling pad from Zalman - NC1000. Otherwise, this fan turns on very often :( and it is very loud. Also it can be subjective, but it seems it fan rans less after installation of SP1 for Vista.
  • Well, any news from Dell regarding this issue? Maybe there is some problem with production?
  • No, I still haven't heard back from them after posting two times...
  • I've sold my Inspiron 1525 and switched to Macbook :smileyhappy: I'm afraid that this is the only solution of noisy fan problem.
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  • Funny thing !! I got mine reimbursed, (the first I got exchange, and since the second one still was noisy I got it reimbursed). I'm thinking about switching for a mac, it's the only brand appealing to me besides DELL.. Too bad it didn't work out, but I guess when they don't want to hear about a problem...
  • 2 dimkabraz, VforVendettaFR - you are lucky, here in Russia I can't even think about exchanging or getting it reimbursed.

    Moreover Macbook price is much higher than in the US. Well, maybe I will try to have a look what's happening inside of notebook, maybe it will be possible to replace the fan.

  • The same here. I started thinking that I have a virus or something and then found this post. There are a lot of people annoyed by this, it would be nice if Dell did something about it.


    My experience is that fan is unable to cool down the laptop since even after sitting for 30 minutes or so doing nothing (no apps besides the desktop and background services) fan doesn't go off. Very strange. 

  • I am wondering when DELL going to replay or solve this annoying problem.

    To be honest I'm thinking seriously switching to MACBOOK.

    are we suppose to do our job, entertain ourselves or coming here every often wasting  times looking for a solution not yet raise for months.

    I'm totally upset every time I hear the dump fan my pulse raise up it's just annoying is the problem with OS to switch it or is it with the hardware so we change it just no answer.

    What upset me more is that we are dealing with first class party and having a huge problem with their products and not providing full support!!!

  • I wish I'd read this forum before I purchased my laptop. My fan noise started after I'd had the laptop for two days. The technicians weren't able to help me on the phone but fortunately I was able to send the laptop to a repair center and received it back before the end of the week. They replaced the fan I believe and so far it's been working fine. Let's hope this lasts.