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XPS M1530 Bluetooth Application Software - Lost

  • Folks,

    In an effort to download the latest driver (XPS M1530 Bluetooth Driver Download R140135) from the Dell driver download website, I inadvertantly UNINSTALLED the Bluetooth APPLICATION software that used to show up in my Start\Program list.  When you download driver software, there is a Dell info box that shows up and tells you to UNINSTALL appropriate software; so I mindlessly, used Windows uninstall to uninstall my Bluetooth application software.  Anyway, the driver software downloaded OK. 


    I vaguely remember seeing Bluetooth programs as a choice in my program list.  Before I start on an odessy to get the software back, is there anyone with an M1530 with Bluetooth that can have a look at their program list and tell me if there are any Bluetooth selections there and where in the list they show up?




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  • I have WIDCOMM Bluetooth Software Don't you have a Bluetooth CD coming with your laptop?



  • Tijuane,

    Thanks for giving me info regarding the Bios version and your experience with it!

    Regarding my Bluetooth software, I got a number of CDs with my M1530 but none of them explicitely say they contain Bluetooth software; I did check one that was labelled 'Drivers and Utilities' and it didn't have Bluetooth on it.