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Hard drive adapter for SATA drive in Inspiron 1720

  • I purchased a second hard drive for my Inspiron 1720, but I see now that an adapter is required that effectively turns the connectors at a right angle so that instead of the connectors being inserted into a slot, the drive is pressed down into a bank of connectors.  I'm having some trouble locating this adapter on the Dell site or elsewhere.  Can anyone help me out with a search term, part number, direct link, etc?  Thanks in advance.

  • You'll need to call - you need the interposer, carrier and a set of screws.

    Dell Spare Parts 1-800-449-3355 ext 7269937
  • Thanks.  I guess "interposer" = "adapter".  I'll give them a call tomorrow.  I was hoping to get a part number, but I guess they will be able to figure it out (though I can't admit to much confidence in that due to past history).  Thanks again.