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Inspiron 1520 wont recognize charger

  • I have an Inspiron 1520, and everything had been going fine, but for some reason now it wont detect my 65w ac adapter. When I plug it in, it says that it doesn't recognize it and the battery wont charge, and it doesn't, but the funny thing is is that when it's in, the computer doesn't die. It just stays stationary. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  • Try another power adapter. If it does the same thing, the power jack on the mainboard is bad. If it doesn't, you're all set and had a faulty adapter.
  • I also have that problem.....I bought my laptop (Inspiron 1520) in July and my charger just stopped working this month.  If anyone has any ideas why that would be great! Good thing is its still under warrenty!
  • Hi, dont know if this will help you or not kinda depends if your still under your warrent.  I called dell and they got me to do a bunch of different things to check my battery and it was good so the technical suppport guy got me to go to a web site and gave me a code so he could get into my computer from where he was to put in some new software.  After he did that it still did not work so they are now sending me a new adaptor which I should recieve in a few days and all I have to do is return my old one that doesnt work. The box and postage is provided by them. So if your still under your warrenty I would deffinatly call them, but make sure you have time when you call cause it took me almost and hour before I was off the phone with them.